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If you are renting, you are probably aware of all the conditions landlords put in the tenancy contracts. All these conditions have to be fulfilled at the end of the tenancy if the tenants want to get the full amount of their deposit back. One very important clause in these contracts is the cleanliness of the property. When you first move into your rented property you should check it thoroughly with your landlord in order to agree on the level of wear and tear that is acceptable for the duration of the contract.

When you put aside the wear and tear, the property has to be returned in an immaculate condition. Make no mistake, landlords have a full check list that they use to see if you have fulfilled all the requirements written in the contract. The best way to guarantee the return of your security deposit is to hire our Fulham cleaners.

Getting the professionals to do the cleaning for you!

Getting the professionals to do the cleaning for you, will allow you to continue with your move in a stress-free way. Our cleaners will not only clean your property to perfection but they will also issue you a certificate to say that the property has been professionally cleaned, which is what landlords want to see.

If you need end of tenancy cleaning services, don’t hesitate to "call us to action"! Check out our reviews and give us a call at  020 365 65 655, email us at info@syk-cleaning.com or simply come to our office!

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Excellent service, punctual, good value and very good cleaning. Highly recommend.

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