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Many people nowadays cannot afford to buy their own property and they find themselves renting for a long time. Of course renting has its good sides and one of them being, you can move to a new place at any time you want without worrying. If you own a house, it becomes a little more complicated. However, renting has its downfalls and one of them is trying to get your security deposit back. Landlords have become extremely strict when it comes to tenants leaving their properties. One very important requirement is to have the property spotlessly clean.

Many people attempt to do the cleaning on their own however most end up calling a professional cleaning agency anyway as the landlords more often than not require a certificate of cleanliness. This certificate is usually issued by the cleaning agency and certifies that the property has been thoroughly cleaned. It shows the landlord that you have been a responsible tenant and you have fulfilled the requirements to get your deposit back.

King’s Cross Cleaners are experienced professionals!

King’s Cross Cleaners are experienced professionals who know how to deliver the results you are expecting. The top of the range cleaning products and equipment they use are safe for the whole family and for the environment.

King’s Cross Cleaners can offer end of tenancy, oven and carpet cleaning to all their customers. Book your services today!
Phone: 020 365 65 655 to get a quote and book your appointment!

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This company is fantastic. They treated our home as if it were their own. I'd recommend them to anyone.

5 stars