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End of tenancy cleaning can be a nightmare to most people especially when you have to do it as you are moving out. As if all the stress related to the moving is not enough and now you have to worry about the cleanliness of the property. Some years ago it was ok for the tenants to clean themselves and it was somehow acceptable. Nowadays landlords want professional cleaning agencies to do that and to provide the tenants a certificate to show the level of cleanliness. Getting rid of germs and bacteria properly is very important as the property will be most likely rented out again straight away.

End of tenancy cleaning is also important because it is related to the deposit given at the beginning of the tenancy. Landlords will withhold that deposit until the property is returned back in an acceptable state. Every landlord has a list that they use to check if every area of the property has been cleaned. Soho cleaners have that list and they make sure that they cover every single point from it. Something more – they will issue you a cleaning certificate and will guarantee their services with a money back guarantee.

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If you are in need of end of tenancy cleaning or a one off or regular carpet and oven cleaning, don’t delay and call Soho cleaners today!

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