How To Remove Super Glue

You could be doing some odd job around your house and the next minute, trying to figure out how to unstick super glue. It’s that fast to act, and while you shouldn’t worry, it’s best you go about removing it immediately. Leaving it for long is not ideal.

With this article, you’ll learn how to remove super glue in different circumstances. Some of the methods are quite remarkable and probably unheard of before now. Know that they’re proven and effective ways on how to dissolve super glue.

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Use the following information to prepare for such a time.  It will be useful because with superglue, you never really know until it happens.

How to remove super glue from skin

Ever so delicate, the skin is a vital organ that serves so many important functions. One of which is to protect us from immediate harm. It is during such functions that liquid-like super glue can come in contact with the skin.

You wouldn’t want it there for long because it becomes abrasive and itchy. So the question on most minds is, how to remove super glue from the skin quickly? The answer is simple and involves another liquid in acetone-based nail polish remover. You can use other fluids to cushion its effect on your skin since it’s also a strong chemical.

What you’ll need

•    Acetone-based nail polish remover and another liquid to soften the punch

•    Cotton balls

•    Warm water

•    Mild Soap

•    Spoon


•    Deep a cotton ball into the nail polish remover.

•    Gently apply the soaked cotton ball to the affected area completely saturating it.

•    Hold the cotton ball right on the glued area until the bond starts to weaken.

•    Repeat the process if glue bond proves hard to get off.

•    Use soap and water to wash the chemical and other traces of extra glue.


Since we use our hands a lot, it’s only reasonable to include the steps on how you can remove super glue off hands.


•    Make a solution of warm, soapy water.

•    Soak the affected area for at least 35 seconds or more depending on severity.

•    After soaking, peel the weakened glue away from your hands. You can use a spoon to do that too.

•    Repeat the process if the adhesive is hard to take off.

How to remove super glue from plastic

Plastics form a good part of popular items in the home, office, school and so on. They can also get stuck with super glue. Of course, we use adhesives to mend some broken pieces of plastics, but glue may fall or come in contact with areas that don’t need it. It leaves us wondering how to remove super glue from plastic surfaces or how to remove dried super glue from plastic. This is always difficult as dried super glue is plastic.

What you’ll need

•    Bowl of water

•    Soap

•    Paper towels

•    Soft cloths


•    Make soap and water solution in the bowl of water and soak a cloth or the paper towel in the solution.

•    Place the cloth on the area affected with glue and leave untouched for several hours (nothing less than 3 hours). Also, ensure the cloth is moist.

•    After the area is sufficiently softened, use a clean cloth or towel to wipe off the glue.

•    Dry out the wiped area.

How to remove super glue from clothes

You’ll need this strategy on how to remove super glue stain from clothes. We all love fashion, and super glue stains could potentially ruin some clothes. Don’t want to say goodbye to your best clothes? Learn how to remove super glue off your clothes.

What you’ll need

•    Acetone-based nail polish remover

•    Clean cloth or cotton ball

•    Liquid detergent

•    Water


•    Let the cloth dry before using warm water to get things started by soaking the affected area. Or you can go straight to using acetone in the dry spot.

•    Dip the cotton ball or clean cloth into the acetone-based nail polish remover.

•    Place the cloth on the glued area for a while

•    Use a dry cloth to rub the weakened glue off. Repeat the process if the glue doesn’t come off.

•    After taking off the glue, pour a small amount of liquid laundry detergent directly on the affected area and wash. Keep in mind the cloths washing instructions.

How to remove super glue from glass

Have an artwork made of glass and tried to fix a broken area with super glue but ended up spilling a generous amount all over? Or spilled glue on your expensive glass lenses? Not to worry, now you’ll figure out how to remove super glue from glass surfaces. Not only can the affected area leave things rough, but it can also get all blurry with the sticky substance.

What You’ll Need

•    Bowl of water

•    Plastic tape

•    Acetone or alcohol

•    Dry clean cloth

•    Soap

•    Blade


•    Saturate the stain by placing the glass object with the affected area in a bowl of soapy water. For large objects such as windows and mirrors, you can dip a clean cloth in soapy water solution and hold over the affected area.

•    Put a sheet of plastic kitchen wrap around the fabric with tape and leave for a while to loosen the glue.

•    Use a blade to scrape off the glue gently

•    Use acetone or alcohol to target any remaining glue residue.

•    Wash the affected area or polish the glass.

How to remove super glue from metal

Yeah, metals also get affected by unwanted stains from super glue. This could be particularly difficult to get rid off, but once you understand how to remove super glue from metal surfaces, it’ll be easy to handle. Whether it’s from a metal lock or painted metal, these steps will make a difference. Scrapping metal only does more harm than good too.

What you’ll need

•    Acetone

•    Clean cloth or cotton ball

•    Bowl of water


•    Dip the clean cloth or cotton in the acetone.

•    Use the dipped cloth to blot the glue until it softens. You shouldn’t wipe so the glue stays put.

•    Use a clean cloth to wipe the softened glue off.

•    Dip a clean cloth into a bowl of fresh water and wipe the area clean again. Go ahead and dry the metal

How to remove super glue from wood

One thing about wood and super glue is that they form such a tight bond; it becomes difficult to get rid of glue without affecting the wood. Also, there are far more incidents with wood leading to many methods.

They offer the best solutions on how to remove dried super glue from wood or how to remove super glue from wood furniture since most furniture invariably have wood. That’s a tall order, but this method will go a long way.

What you’ll need

•    Acetone without any form of dilution

•    Cotton swabs or very light clean cloth

•    Plastic putty knife


•    Dip a cotton swab or clean cloth into acetone

•    Dab the swab or clean cloth on the glue affected area for 10 seconds or more. You have to be careful here. You want to get the glue off and not leave some traces of acetone on the surface of the glue affected wood.

•    When the glue is soft, use the plastic putty knife to scrape it from the area.

•    Have the knife go along the edge of the wood, so it doesn’t do damage to the material underneath. And if the glue remains, you can use fine sandpaper to file it away.

How to remove super glue from carpet

Carpets look beautiful until you get glue on them and they become clumped and hard. Kids could have homework involving objects that they need to put together and accidentally leave spurts of glue on your favorite carpet.

You could also try to amend a piece of plastic in your car with super glue and spill some on the carpet of your car. While the above scenarios have their drawbacks, knowing how to remove dried super glue from carpet solves the problem. You won’t have to cut the affected areas off because that will ruin the carpet. As soon as glue gets spilled, try to clear as much of it as you possibly can before the removal process.

What you’ll need

•    Paper towel

•    Acetone-based nail polish remover

•    Cotton ball

•    Cleaning solution

•    Warm water

•    Ammonia

•    Clean white cloth


•    Use the paper towel to blot what’s left of the glue to extract it from the carpet. You can take your time doing it continuously until you notice that there’s no more wet super glue liquid on the carpet.

•    Take some acetone-based nail polish remover and apply to the glue affected area of the rug. A cotton ball will do just fine to blot out the dried super glue from the carpet fibers. Do it repeatedly until the cotton ball dries up completely.

•    Make a cleaning solution with warm water and at least one teaspoon of pure ammonia. This combination will help you remove the stain caused by the glue.

•    Apply the made solution to the spot where super glue has stained.

•    Use the clean white cloth to blot the stained area continuously. A clear indication that it’s working is when the glue stain begins to move from the carpet fibers to the cleaning cloth slowly. Don’t stop this step until every bit of stain is gone.

•    Take out the residue. It may seem unimportant, but it’s a recipe for disaster which could very well cut short the life span of your carpet. A cup of water to rinse the cleaned spot will be ideal before proceeding to dry everything with a towel.

Remove super glue from car paint

As far as super glue stains go, removing it from car paint will require some bit of skill. That’s why learning how to remove super glue from car paintwork comes in handy any day. There’s no telling when you’ll need it, especially if you’ve got over-exuberant kids at home or naughty neighbors.

If the latter is the case, you might want to add how to remove super glue from car seat to your quiver of skills. Also, with an adhesive forming a bond to the paint, expect a very sticky and hard union to break off. In most circumstances, you’ll have to do a repaint because some of the color will get taken off along with the glue. Follow these steps well and see how much of the situation you can salvage.

What you’ll need

•    Bucket of Warm water

•    Soft cloth

•    Hand cream

•    Dish soap

•    Acetone-based nail polish remover

•    Dish soap

•    Urethane paint and primer

•    Protectant

•    Car polish


•    Use a wet cloth to dampen the glue stain or affected area (since you can’t soak a whole car!)

•    Make a mixture of hand cream and dish soap and apply to the area.

Here is an alternative way to get glue off your paint job.


•    Get a new paint of the same color and paint the affected areas after cleaning. You can go one better and repaint the whole shebang.

•    Use sandpaper to file off the affected area and surrounding paint.

•    Apply the primer and coats of paint. Make sure to use clear-coat protectant too.

Acetone remover also helps you deal with super glue stains on your car bodywork.


Using super glue is almost always necessary because it presents a quick fix to many problems. Ensure you learn these steps or at least save them. Further, observe every precaution when making use of super glue.

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