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Table of Contents

Domestic cleaning services offered by cleaning agencies are becoming more and more popular amongst the busy people, the people who are renting their properties and amongst landlords. That is why there are so many agencies on the market who are trying to get more clients with lucrative offers and amazing discounts. Before you choose who to trust your home with, here is a guide naming all the things you need to take into consideration before booking your domestic cleaner.


Number one rule for every cleaning company is to be professional. That means that the company has to train its staff to have the skills required for cleaning people’s homes and give them health and safety instructions. The staff of the cleaning agency has to appear professional as well with company uniforms with their name tags so it is easier to recognize them and check their identity.

Good management team

It is very important to look at the way the company is managed. Does everything go smoothly? Are professional cleaners coming on time? Are the quotes given accurate and inclusive of everything? The management team of every cleaning agency is part of its heart and soul and they are the people who delegate the task to the cleaning teams.


The professional cleaners have to be trustworthy to be taken on board by any cleaning agency. That is why good agencies only hire skilled and very carefully selected team members. They should all have comprehensive CRB checks because at the end of the day you trust them with your home.


Check the security policy and procedures the company you have chosen has. Make sure that your keys are only handed to the employees that are going to perform the cleaning task and are kept in a secure place. A good cleaning agency should have a confidentiality agreement clause in the employment contracts.

Biodegradable and non-toxic products

It is very important to check the quality of the products used and whether the company of your choice uses biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products, which are safe for you and your family.

References and recommendations

If you have chosen a local company, it is important to check its recommendations and references by people who have already used its services. Most companies have a recommendations’ page where happy or unhappy customers can leave their comments and opinions on the work the agency does.


It happens sometimes that the person booked to come to your property is not feeling well and needs to take a rain check. A good and professional cleaning agency will not let you down and will make sure a replacement is sent.


A company that gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee is the one to choose. This means that it is sure of its abilities and the services that it delivers are superb.


Check the hygiene levels of the company before you commit to it. Does it use sterilized mops and cloths in every home? Make sure the cleaners don’t use dirty clothes and mops when they come to your home because they will only spread dirt instead of cleaning it.


Last but not least comes the insurance. Make sure that the cleaning company you use is fully insured and has good public liability insurance in place. This is important for the safety of the cleaning personnel and for your home and belongings.

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