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Table of Contents

You are a landlord. Whether you are renting a dwelling, business property or farmland, there are common rules for successful and seamless concluding and running your deal. Knowing at least these rules will help you understand your requirements and rights even when working with an intermediary.

1. Present your property

Publishing an offer to sell or rent a property is important for the realization of your deal, but it is not enough. Your offer falls among hundreds of others, and your goal should be to somehow make it distinctive, attractive and interesting to the potential customer. To do this, we provide you with several opportunities, some of which are rarely offered by sites for bids:

  1. Visual representation of the property. Photos – unlimited number, with the possibility of sorting and arranging according to your wish. Video files – unlimited number
  2. Texting of the features and other details on the ad
  3. Application of documents – sketches, diagrams, drawings and others

We will briefly give you some proven tips to help you prepare and make the best presentation of your property.

How to make good pictures of your property

You have decided to sell or rent your property … The first impression of your home the buyer or renter gets from the pictures attached to the advertisement. Sometimes he does not reach the text, seeing blurry or ugly photos. It is true that no one will buy just by reviewing the photos, but they are a kind of “business card” of the object that can attract the client’s attention and make him look at the rest of the offer. Usually, little effort, time and effort are needed to get good results. Do not save time and labor, yet you do not sell property every day and you are not indifferent when the deal will be realized. More – no money! Of course, if you have a friend or acquaintance who can professionally shoot, try to get his help. If you decide to do it yourself – you can read our tips that are grouped into several categories.

The general recommendations apply to all categories, and can be summarized in a few words: a wide-angle lens camera and a higher resolution, a lot of light and the principle of Winnie the Pooh – “the more, the more”. Do not be in a hurry, plan carefully and click at will, but it is easier to delete the excess. It is recommended that photos are taken in the daylight. Select clear and sunny weather if possible, when the most light comes into the room. Prepare the room you will work in – clear and arrange it well, open the blinds and curtains, take out the surplus items and furnishings for a short time, create space. If possible, place flowers, vases, cover on the tables, ashtrays / clean! /, а bowl of fruit on the table in the kitchen, paintings or sculptures and other small accents. Pay attention to details: soap-dishes, towels with the appropriate color in the bathroom, toilet, and pantry, arrange household utensils and showcases, utensils and sets that are visible. Arrange open shelves and the library in the home – books, photos, ornaments and the like.

On the dressing table in the bedroom leave only a few perfumes or deodorant. Choose the places from which you are shooting – the goal is to enter as many rooms as possible into the frame and give the photo maximum information. Make sure you do not bring people and pets into the frame, as well as reflections of the photographer in the mirrors. Do not forget to provide enough light in dark rooms such as bathrooms, toilets, and closets. If you need to temporarily put stronger bulbs or replace the burned ones.You have no limit to the number of pictures attached, but our advice is not to overdo it, but rather to think and present your property in the most orderly way – for example for an apartment: first of all the most attractive photo from the living room or dining room, then arrange the pictures by room, passing through a kitchen, bedrooms, terraces, sanitary units and finally corridors, closets, wet rooms and an entrance door. You can later change the order of the photos, remove them or add them. If you have the opportunity and desire, we advise you to take pictures outside of the building in which the dwelling is located and the stairway to it.

How to make and offer a video presentation of your property

Believe us – it’s not as easy as it seems at first glance!

  • Observe the general guidelines for the preparation of the rooms in which you are shooting and their illumination.
  • Make one video for the whole property, or separate for each part of it.
  • We recommend that have no other people with you at this time.
  • If you want to your video you can record your voice explanations about what the user sees.
  • If you are going to do this, pre-prepare your text and learn it so you do not clutter, repeat, and wonder what to say.
  • Turn the camera slowly, with smooth movements, stop over objects you want to accentuate by slowly zoom in and zoom out them away.
  • Show the view from the windows, terraces and give an idea of what the new owner or tenant will have.
  • Upload the finished video or videos to one of the following video sharing sites:,,, Each of them lets you copy the link to your video.
  • This link is placed in the video gallery of your listing on the site where you offer your property.
  • You can set the order in which the clips will be offered, modify, add or remove videos from the gallery.

2. Rental agreement

Absolutely essential if you want to ensure your peace of mind to protect yourself from fraud or payment for made by the tenants but unpaid utility costs. The law permits the oral conclusion of the contract, but in view of your security and safety, we strongly recommend the written form.

Oral rental agreement

Most often the landlord leases his property by signing a written agreement with the tenant. If there is none, an oral contract will also be valid if the landlord has accepted the tenant in the residential property and receives rent from it. The validity of the oral contract does not depend on the form of the contract, but it is more difficult to prove the specific relationship between the parties and to defend the rights of the parties if a dispute arises.

Written lease

The rental agreement typically describes rental rights or so-called “tenancy”. The type of “tenancy” depends not only on the definition in the written agreement but also on the factual relations between the parties. In the event of a dispute, the substance of the lease shall be determined by the court in the light of all the facts of the case, including the conduct of the parties and their intention to let the property be leased at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

The most common lease agreements are “Assured shorthold tenancy” and “Assured tenancies” and “License”. The type of “tenancy” depends on many factors including, the date on which the tenant has moved into the property if the tenant living alone or living with the landlord, who is the landlord (individual or organization) and the type of real estate (for example, whether offered services from the landlord for the respective properties).

What it takes to be careful before signing the rental agreement

First of all, it is necessary to read carefully the contract, which describes the rights and obligations of the tenant. If you have any doubts, you better clarify things with the landlord or agent before signing the contract. If you do not understand something because you do not understand English, it is better to look for a translator. It is a good practice for the tenant to request the contract in advance so that it can be read carefully and in peace.

What it is necessary to contain the lease

  • The name of the tenant
  • The address of the property or the rooms you hire
  • The name and address of the lessor or the agent of the lessor
  • How much it is rent, when it is due, how it should be paid, whether it has accounts such as electricity, gas, municipal tax,
  • For what period the contract is concluded
  • How much is the deposit, what is covered by the deposit, how the deposit can be returned? If the contract is “Assured shorthold tenancy”, what is the deposit protection scheme that the landlord uses.
  • How to terminate the lease
  • What furniture is allocated to the property (for this purpose it is best to compile an inventory of the state of the property and the number and type of furniture available
  • The contract may also contain information to whom to contact in case of need for repair of electrical appliances, in case of emergency, etc.
  • The contract may also contain restrictions on domestic animals, the use of separate parts of the property, etc.

The contract can not contain clauses that are unfair. Such are, for example, clauses whereby the landlord may terminate the contract unilaterally or which contravenes imperative norms of the law. For example, creating obligations for the tenant to make structural repairs to the property, which are always the landlord’s obligations by law, and these rights cannot be contractually transferred.

Rights of tenants when the contract is concluded by several people

When several tenants included in the lease, they are jointly and severally liable for all obligations thereunder. If for example, one of the tenants refuses to pay their rent, the remaining tenants are required to pay the entire rental amount to the lessor.

If one of the tenants gives notice of leaving, it will bind the other tenants and the lease will be terminated unless the landlord agrees to renegotiate the lease. Normally, this can not happen if the rent is a fixed term because the notice will not have legal force.

If the fixed term of the lease expires and the landlord does not offer you a new fixed term, the rent will become legally fixed term rent, which will have a duration depending on how the rental price is paid. Month for a month or week for a week. If, after the expiration of the term, the landlord requests you to leave the property, you will need to give you a notice, the length of which will depend on the type of your rental agreement. If you live with the landlord and you live in a room and pay your rent a week, and if nothing else is agreed, the notice may last for one week.

If the tenant does not leave voluntarily, the landlord may ask the court to order to be removed from the property forcibly. In order for enforcement to take place effectively, the landlord must first comply with special legal rules and then take legal action. However, these rules do not apply to the “License” situation when the tenant has rented a separate room. In these cases, tenants have a much lower level of protection and the landlord can take their luggage out of the room and refuse access to the property without court intervention.


  • Accept the fact that you are in a less favorable position. Especially if you are a landlord for the first time. In practice, with the lease, you transfer the possession to a third party. No one can guarantee you the morale, correctness and hygienic culture of the tenant. Your only defense is a lease with all the possible cases that would arise during the term of the contract. Your contract is necessary to reflect fully and accurately the specifics of your property and rental conditions.
  • Make a contract for renting with the intermediary you choose. Very often landlords confess the belief that the more companies offer the property, the more likely it is to make it quick and profitable to rent. Completely wrong. The tenant of your property is one! The real estate market is one. The real tenant of your property alone or through an agency will always come to your property. If the broker is one, he will notify you and negotiate transaction terms. During the term of the contract, the intermediary can be extremely helpful in case of a problem, being familiar with the rights and obligations of the parties to the contract and on the basis of the rental practice. Before expiration, the contract will start promptly for a new tenant.

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, the three main things you should know are:

  • “Exit” as far as possible on the emotional side of the question. Every landlord without exception is absolutely convinced that on the market his property is one of the best and should, therefore, receive the best possible rental price.
  • “See” the market. Before you take specific action to become a market participant, try to navigate the parameters at a particular moment. Today it is relatively easy. Enter one of the current real estate portals in England. Here, you should keep in mind that this is a rental price rather than the actual rental prices at which the contracts are concluded. Try yourself to evaluate where your property is located, which you rent or want to rent on the following criteria – first of all, is the location, next type of the property, rental period, with or without furniture, parking;
  • Choose the way to realize your intention. The possibilities are three: alone, through acquaintances and friends or through an agency. To do it yourself if you are a landlord – the usual way is to advertise your property in specialized editions or the Internet. If your property is renewable, arm yourself patiently to answer the many calls until you let the property, and then that it is no longer free.

Author: SYK End of Tenancy Cleaners

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