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Table of Contents

Almost all tenancy agreements regardless of whether they are with the city council or a private landlord, real estate agent or housing association will have a clause in the contract where it will state that at the end of the tenancy, the property will have to be spotlessly clean. This is done with the idea for the property to be prepared for the next tenants and all grime and dirt that normally collects through every day living to be removed. If you are a tenant and you are facing your end of the tenancy, you should decide whether you are going to tackle the property yourself or whether it will be better for you to trust the professionals and hire a cleaning agency.

Before you make the decision you should know that there is a lot to consider when you are about to perform deep end of tenancy cleaning. Below are some of the areas that would require most attention through the cleaning process.

Living room/bedrooms/dining room

When you are ready to start the cleaning of your living room, bedroom or dining room you should know that the carpets and the floors would require special attention. Vacuum and steam clean the carpets and wash and scrub the hard floors. Next, you need to move to the areas that collect the most dust and wipe them all down. These areas will be the radiators, picture rails, shelves, window ledges, doors, hinges, jambs. You should also make sure that you polish any fittings or doorknobs. Clean the windows inside and out. If you are on a high floor then you will need to think of safety first before you decide to clean them on the outside. Wash all curtains and any other upholstered furniture and polish any wooden furniture in the room. If you follow this checklist, you will have the whole room covered.


The kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms to clean in a property and that is why it needs extra attention. In the kitchen, you will need to disinfect and wash all of the work surfaces, clean all drawers and cupboards, remove limescale from taps and sinks, polish and decrease cupboard tops and all hard-to-reach areas, clean all appliances, remove dust and clean the windows. Last but not least on your list should be the oven. Now, this is one appliance that requires extra attention and you should know how to properly clean it because unless it is spotless you will get penalized by the tenancy agreement. This is why most people prefer to hire a cleaning agency because it will make sure everything is cleaned properly with the best products and that your property will pass inspection. The oven usually takes hours to be cleaned if it has not been kept clean on a regular basis. And because this is one appliance that is a true nightmare to tackle, some cleaning agencies may charge you for it. That is why you may find that these agencies offer special oven deals. The deals usually say free oven cleaning with every end of tenancy cleaning. This is one very good offer because oven cleaning can turn to be costly.


The bathroom is an area that needs to be sanitized and cleaned in the best way possible because many germs can collect in there through the years. That is why the germicidal solution needs to be used in all areas in the bathroom – windows, doors, woodwork, pipework, door frames, tiles, cupboards. Limescale should be removed from the bath, shower cubical and the sink. Toilets and urinals need to be cleaned and de-scaled.

As you can see for yourself the checklist is pretty big and time-consuming. That is why it is much better to call to action the professional cleaning agencies because they will not only save you time and hassle but they will also make sure that everywhere is spotless and ready to hand back to the landlord. Of course you will have to pay for the service quite a bit, however, when you calculate how long it is going to take you and how many cleaning products you will need to purchase it will turn out a lot cheaper to hire a cleaning agency. Remember to do your research before booking the service because sometimes the cheapest ones are not always the best. Read the customers reviews so you can see how many happy clients your chosen agency has.

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