Trust is a businesses biggest backbone. It allows clients to invite them over to their homes and perform the duties that are asked from them – whether it is for cleaning or other kinds of services.
On the other hand, trust is one thing that is very difficult to give in this modern age, especially with the number of cleaning agencies that are out in the market.

Several problems with current cleaning agencies are the following:

  • Misleading advertisements;
  • Confusing claims;
  • Unreal low prices;
  • High pressure sales;
  • Incompetent technicians;
  • Unproven methods.

The list can go on. They would do everything in order to get into your pockets.

The best way for any agency to get their name around is through the word of mouth, especially when it comes from a recommendation of someone who is close to the individual. You will act as proof.

If you are willing, you can list down a number of your friends and relatives that you would like us to be recommended to, and surely we will be compensated handsomely.
This is our way of advertising – to pay our loyal customers rather than expensive advertising companies.

For every referral that you provide, we will be giving £25 gift certificate for any service as compensation.

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SYK Cleaning Reviews

Thank you for sending Tiziana to make our Golden Wedding Anniversary party go so smoothly. She is a delightful person who, quietly and efficiently, made sure everybody was fed and watered and left everything in such shipshape order that we had virtually no work left in clearing up. Would you please pass on our thanks to her for the enormous contribution she made to the success of the event and what a delight it was to have her here. Yours truly,Mr. P Head

5 stars

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