End of Tenancy Cleaning Guarantee

End of tenancy cleaning 100% deposit back guarantee!
If you are planning on vacating a rented property, understand this: in any case, you will need to leave it spotlessly clean so that you can get 100% of your security deposit back.

FAQs - Our Promise

Most frequent move out questions about our cleaning guarantee

We are a well-established cleaning agency and have earned many 5-star reviews from customers across London. We conduct frequent spot-checks across all our cleaning teams, so you can trust us to deliver a consistently exceptional service across the whole of London.

Yes! Our cleaning service is geared towards ensuring you receive your deposit back at check-out. If our cleaning has not met these high standards, contact us within 24 hours and we will return to the property to clean it again. Unlike many other companies, we offer you a completely risk-free end of tenancy cleaning service.

Deposit Back Guarantee

At SYK Cleaning, our expert end of tenancy cleaning London service ensures that the property you are about to vacate looks as good as it did when you moved in as a tenant. We are confident in our skill and cleaning expertise – so much so that we provide an end of tenancy cleaning deposit back guarantee. Call now to get a free quote and get started.

If the cleaning is not up to your expectation or your landlord’s, we will return at absolutely no cost and perform the second round of cleaning until you and/or your landlord is entirely satisfied.

Our professional end of tenancy cleaners come equipped with all the necessary materials and supplies – all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the miracle of professional cleaning unfold. We carry out all cleaning jobs in a non-intrusive way so that you can enjoy your day-to-day routine as if we’re not even there.

Our friendly and highly courteous team will respect your personal space and will be in and out before you know it. To give you added peace of mind, all our cleaning staff members are professionally trained, supervised and insured.

To date, we have successfully completed over 3 000 end of tenancy cleaning jobs in the last 5 years. We are well-established as an end of tenancy cleaning service in London – rest-assured, your rented property is in good hands.

Ready to have your property cleaned by a team of professional and exceptionally well-trained staff? Call now to get a ‘no obligation’ free quote – we offer some of the most economical end of tenancy cleaning prices in London.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a reliable and professional cleaning company!

More About our End of Tenancy Cleaning Deposit Back Guarantee

Our 72-hour cleaning policy dictates that you get your rented property cleaned with the guarantee that the entire deposit will be returned to you. That’s what our deposit guarantee end of tenancy cleaning service is all about.

Simply put, you need to exercise caution when vacating your rented property. By booking a thorough and professional cleaning service like ours, you can be rest assured that your letting agent or landlord will refund your entire deposit when it’s time to move out.
All our cleaners are closely supervised to ensure that the quality of cleaning is up to standard. Just to quickly reiterate, our end of tenancy cleaning ensures that your rented property is cleaned thoroughly within 72 hours – and once again, should your landlord or letting agent be displeased with the cleaning job, we’ll have another go at it for free, although we highly doubt if the need will arise.

Why Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Is A Guarantee On Deposit Return

There may be several reasons so as to why tenants, landlords and letting agents may need professional cleaning at the end of a rental term.

The main reason for the tenant, however, to hire an end of tenancy cleaning service in London is to make sure that the full security deposit that’s due is returned by the landlord. And without a doubt, a major concern for nearly every London tenant when they hire professional end of tenancy cleaners in London is: “will the end of tenancy cleaning guarantee my deposit return?”

In all honesty, as a tenant, you would not want to have tenancy cleaning done just to discover later that you will not be getting their full deposit back because the cleaning job wasn’t up to par. Plus, you already went through the hassle of arranging for a cleaner, so you’re losing out on money from both ends.
It’s always a good idea to check that all cleaning is done as per the requirement in your tenancy agreement. In addition, you might contact your landlord or letting agency directly to ensure that all bases have been covered in regards to the cleaning so that no deductions are made to your deposit.

Furthermore, always go with an end of tenancy cleaning service that will not hesitate to return within a reasonable timeframe, should the cleaning job not be up to standard.
Our end of tenancy cleaning at SYK Cleaning ensures that no deductions whatsoever are made from your deposit as a result of cleaning issues. We make sure that all your landlord or letting agent’s criteria is met.

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End of tenancy cleaning typically requires a deep clean which consists of:

  • The deep clean itself
  • Oven deep cleaning
  • Carpet deep cleaning

It would be wise to first check in your tenancy agreement or communicate directly with the landlord/letting agency so as to what kind of end of tenancy cleaning is specifically required.
Professional end of tenancy cleanings in London has become very common and are specifically mentioned in many tenancy agreements.

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to check the agreement to understand what kind of cleaning is required at end of tenancy and whether that cleaning is to be carried out “professionally”. This section of your agreement should also mention whether only a deep clean is required or an oven plus carpet cleaning is required as well.

The word “professional” in this part of your tenancy agreement can make all the difference – if you try to go down the DIY cleaning route when your tenancy ends, your landlord may not deem it feasible or acceptable and might make major deductions from your deposit – owing to the fact that end of tenancy cleaning was not done professionally.


Property owners make it mandatory to have a professional cleaning done at end of tenancy as they need to provide a satisfactory living standard for the next tenant – conversely, any individual who has lived on a rented property would expect the place to be immaculately clean.

In that light, there are specific cleaning requirements that need to be met as part of a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, such as:

  • Woodwork
  • Plug Sockets
  • Light fittings
  • Washing machine draw

However, this is not a comprehensive list as a deep clean can be very intensive before the property can be occupied again. Your end of tenancy cleaner in London will typically have a cleaning checklist that they adhere to, which they might share with you on request.

Why Can’t I Do The Cleaning Myself?

Just to reiterate, landlords and letting agents typically hire professional end of tenancy cleaners to ensure that all cleaning criteria are met before the said property can be put up for rent again. As individuals, we all tend to interpret home cleaning differently – as such, your landlord’s interpretation may be vastly different from yours.

A deep clean that’s done professionally brings the property as close to its ‘original form’ as possible once it has been vacated.

After cleaning has been completed, reasonable signs of wear and tear may be acceptable as they are unavoidable; however, all areas need to be immaculately cleaned to the point that the property shows no signs of living or occupancy. This requires certain cleaning techniques and industry-grade equipment. Thick grease or ground on limescale, for example, is definitely something that should not be done by an amateur.

The same goes for oven cleaning by a professional cleaner, which will most likely be included in your tenancy agreement. A professional oven clean is a highly intensive process and can return the oven to practically “showroom condition”. This will not only leave your landlord impressed but ensure that you get the full deposit back.

Finally, deep carpet cleaning is something that needs to be done by an experienced end of tenancy cleaner. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of hiring a rug doctor or attempting to clean it yourself. Know that there are a number of risks involved such as shrinkage or stretching due to water damage, using the wrong cleaner which may lock in stains or lead to colour fade, etc.

Our professional cleaners have been carrying out carpet deep cleans at end of tenancy for years and live up to the standard set by the property landlord or letting agency.


Your landlord may have included a clause in your tenancy agreement which states that you will need to hire a specific cleaner to have the end of tenancy cleaning done. Generally, it is recommended that you hire the designated cleaners since you won’t have to deal with any issues as such or deal with the trouble of asking them to return in case the cleaning is not satisfactory the first time around.

However, that being said, these designated cleaning companies can charge you extra – in fact, in some cases, letting agents make a commission off this, although this is only in the event that they make personal arrangements for the cleaning.

It is always good practice to compare costs and then ask the recommended company to match that cost. Remember, an end of tenancy cleaning company with good customer service will typically not charge extra and should be able to pay the agent’s commission from within their cost.

SYK Cleaning – A Sure Shot Guarantee To Getting All Your Deposit Back

At SYK Cleaning, we are proud to have a wealth of end of tenancy cleaning experience in domestic cleaning. For over five years, we have been providing a memorable and highly professional end of tenancy cleaning service for not just London tenants but landlords as well.

No matter how large or small your living space is, our end of tenancy prices are unmatched while our professional service ensures an end of tenancy cleaning deposit back guarantee. We understand how vacating a property in a condition that’s any less than immaculate and spotlessly clean can adversely affect your security deposit. We assure you that by investing in a professional London end of tenancy cleaner like us, you can put all your worries to rest.

We guarantee that you will get ALL of your deposit back by the time we’re done cleaning every room. Should you or your landlord be dissatisfied with the cleaning job, we’ll return within a day to perform the second round of cleaning until all parties are 100% satisfied.

Given our extensive experience in end of tenancy cleaning, we’ve successfully completed over 2000 home cleanings in a span of  5 years. Our cleaning teams have been fully trained in end of tenancy cleaning – they are all bonded and insured, and supervised from start to finish.

We supply all our cleaning staff with the necessary materials and equipment so that they can easily deal with all aspects of tenancy end cleaning such as deep cleaning, oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, door frames, inside windows and a lot more.

There a lot of intricate factors and nuances to consider when it comes to end of tenancy cleanings in London. However, you have nothing to worry about as our professional tenancy-end cleaners at SYK Cleaning have you covered.

Our qualified cleaners guarantee that you will get 100% of your deposit back; they run a comprehensive checklist before and after every job to ensure every nook and cranny inside the property has been cleaned and detailed properly.

Our end of tenancy cleaning deposit back guarantee is what sets us apart from other London cleaners and once again, we would be happy to perform a second cleaning round should you or your landlord require, although we very much doubt that!