We offer quality and proper cleaning of your home. Our teams are verified, trained by experts in the industry and work with professional series products of world leaders which are friendly for you health, nature and home. With us gain time for good things in life, you save time, nerves and money. Choose what do you need. Our prices are determined strictly individually according to your desired range of services and the degree of contamination. We offer also office cleaning for your convenience and a relaxed working atmosphere. Cleaning is done at convenient for you and your team time.

By choosing our services, you get:

  • Cleaning windows, window frames and shutters.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Cleaning of heating appliances (radiators air conditioners).
  • Cleaning and polishing of furniture.
  • Cleaning of household appliances.
  • Cleaning thresholds, sills, doors and frames.
  • Cleaning power switches, electrical contacts and others.
  • Vacuum cleaning of soft and hard surfaces.
  • Cleaning spiderweb from the walls, ceiling and corners.
  • Machine washing of all soft surfaces.
  • Machine cleaning of all hard surfaces.
  • Machine washing of upholstered furniture
  • Etc.

SYK Cleaning company in Haringey offers professional cleaning at very attractive prices. For an exact price, you can contact us to give you a more accurate quote. Do not waste precious time and call us today. Make your cleaning dream come true!

We cover all areas in Haringey - Tottenham, Hornsey, St Ann’s, Noel Park, Seven Sisters, etc.


SYK Cleaning Reviews

Delia is a reliable, friendly and thorough cleaner. I am so pleased to have her as my cleaner. She is very amenable and extremely punctual. Her standard of clean is remarkable. She is a brilliant cleaner. Thank you!

5 stars