Harrow Cleaners

You can rely on us for cleaning offices and other workplaces.

SYK cleaning company offering subscription cleaning of homes and offices at reasonable prices.

Every building and each room in it needs a thorough cleaning of a certain period of time which depends on the intensity of use of the premises, the type of work that is performed there, seasons, and other factors. The omission of basic cleaning hinders further support and amortized room and the furniture in it unless it becomes unpleasant and unhealthy environment. In principle, at least twice a year should be done thoroughly cleaning each piece of furniture.

image of Harrow end of tenancy cleaning

A one-time cleaning office service in North West London!

  • Cleaning on the occasion of the opening of the building after construction, renovation or acquisition.
  • Flawless appearance is required and corporate events and celebrations - exhibition or presentation, corporate money exchange sated with another company, etc. After the festive event also often have big cleaning.
  • Unfortunately sometimes happen and unpleasant incidents. Disasters, accidents, flood, fire, vandalism, etc., which is a need to urgently remedy the damage.

We serve the whole area of Harrow - Belmont, Roxeth, Canons Park/Little Stanmore, Rayners Lane, Greenhill, Pinner, Harrow, North Harrow, South Harrow, West Harrow, Harrow Weald, Harrow on the Hill, Headstone, Hatch End, Wealdstone, Stanmore.

They did a great job cleaning my flat and at a very good price.