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Property owners come and go, especially those were just renting. In most cases, the amount of clutter that these tenants leave behind can be a lot because they usually do not have time to clean it. That is where our agency comes in – to provide you with the best end of tenancy cleaning services that is available in the market.

We will be at your property even before you leave. Our technicians make sure that we create a good first impression in all our clients. This is important in building your trust towards us. That is why, expect the technicians we sent within 24 to 48 hours after you have set-up your appointment.

In addition, we never bluff and only provide you with the best of the best when it comes to cleaning your place. All of the latest cleaning equipment will be used for your place. Expect that your place will be spotless as ever once we are done.

Give us the key to your place and rest assured our technicians and our techniques will be the key towards a cleaner and spotless flat that you could have ever imagined. You may not even have thought that your place could have been this clean after we are done with it.

SYK Cleaning Reviews

Dear SYK,

Thanks very much for the end of tenancy clean at our flat this weekend. We were very impressed with the service, both in terms of the quality of the cleaning and the punctuality and professionalism of the cleaners. The property inspection afterwards was completed without a problem. We would highly recommend your service, and would definitely use SYK again. Feel free to use this review on your website.

Many thanks!

5 stars