The Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

We also offer cheap end-of-tenancy cleaning services, but we don’t forget about the important details! All SYK cleaners refer to an industry-approved checklist relevant to London lettings markets in order to ensure your property is left sparkling and your deposit is returned in full.

You are probably wondering about end of tenancy cleaning prices?

Cost is often one of the main reasons why people feel that they should do the end of tenancy clean themselves instead of getting a company to do it. So how much does a cleaner cost? Well, that will depend on precisely what you need doing and of course the size of the property involved. On our website, we have a clear table that gives you an idea of the sort of price that you are looking at for an end of tenancy clean, with or without carpet cleaning. We offer cheap end of tenancy cleaning, but don’t be fooled by the price. The clean you will get from us will be complete and thorough, and it’s also wise to remember that all SYK cleaners refer to an industry-approved end of tenancy checklist relevant to the London lettings market to ensure your property is left sparkling and your deposit is returned in full!


£ 95 from
  • End of Tenancy + Carpet Cleaning
    from £115

One Bedroom

£ 125 from
  • End of Tenancy + Carpet Cleaning
    from £140

Two Bedroom

£ 155 from
  • End of Tenancy + Carpet Cleaning
    from £185

Three Bedroom

£ 195 from
  • End of Tenancy + Carpet Cleaning
    from £240

Four Bedroom

£ 280 from
  • End of Tenancy + Carpet Cleaning
    from £360

The end of tenancy cleaning prices and the status of the rental market

In order to go deep into the topic about how the end of tenancy cleaning prices are formed, I shall start with an overall analysis and statistics, regarding the rental market in London. According to a recent survey, since 2016, there is an ever-growing proportion of renters, in comparison to homeowners and it is expected to reach 60% by 2025. The main reason, of course, is that owning a home property is turning more and more into unachievable luxury, because of unaffordable house prices. As the population in London is also a steadily increasing number, the ratio of renters is consistent with these tendencies and the market is accordingly expanding and resulting in higher rental prices. The age profile statistics shows, that the highest percentage of tenants are in their twenties and thirties and these are the age groups, who are more prone to use end of tenancy cleaning services. Тhe ever-rising demand for this service, correspondingly led to the incurrence of great number of competitive professional cleaning companies, offering relatively different end of tenancy cleaning prices.

FAQs - Our Prices

Most frequent move out questions about our cleaning prices

As I have already mentioned you have a large choice of companies, specialized in professional cleaning and you can get lost trying to figure out the best one fitting with your current capabilities, in terms of end of tenancy cleaning prices and service quality. First, it is good to take as a basis, the average cost in London for this particular service, which is between £120 to £240 for a two bed flat. Second, you should bear in mind, that these figures are only tentative and in order to get a precise assessment, all the specific details about your hired property, should be taken into consideration. If you want to ensure your deposit refund, it is not wise to choose the cheapest end of tenancy cleaning prices, as most often this can be a hidden catch for a second-rate quality or some unexpected costs.  To make sure you have made the right choice, it is good to invest more time in researching and comparing the end of tenancy cleaning prices on the current market and the quality of the services, offered by different companies. It is reasonable to ask your friends, if they have already used or heard of any highly recommended company, with accessible end of tenancy cleaning prices and eligible cleaning end result. If, in the final analysis, you have selected several acceptable companies, it is good practice to have a little talk with them, to define clearly the necessary details. Thus you will gain a direct impression of their attitude and customer care politics and ask for a personal end of tenancy cleaning prices quote. Another option is to proceed with an email, however, it is useless to waste your time, by visiting on site, all the companies you have selected.

The end of tenancy cleaning prices cover a comprehensive deep cleaning, which is based on so named checklist, varying at different companies, but generally having common final goal – to meet the demands of the end of tenancy inspection and lead to tenant’s deposit refund. It usually includes:

  • Living room and bedrooms – vacuum, dust, wipe and mop all the surfaces and floors, doors and door handles, blinds, cabinets, tables, wooden furniture, drawers, curtain rails, shelves, light switches, skirting boards, picture frames, wardrobes, glass surfaces, windows on the inside, upholstery and carpet, mattresses;
  • Bathrooms – polish, descale and scrub sink, mirror, shower, tiles, toilet, bathtub, remove limestone and mold, cobwebs;
  • Kitchen – vacuum, wipe, mop and clean cupboards, walls, kitchen appliances, countertops, windows on the inside and sills, floors;

Take into account that some of the end of tenancy cleaning prices packages do not include the oven, carpet and the outside of the windows cleaning.

In order to receive your specific offer, based on the actual assessment of the property, several factors are taken into consideration. It is the size of the apartment and the number of the premises, that mainly form the end of tenancy cleaning prices. The next defining feature is the condition of the property, which determines the type of equipment and tools to be applied, the number of the cleaning experts needed and the duration of the whole process, all these having an impact on the end of tenancy cleaning prices. Additional services like oven cleaning, carpet and upholstery washing, polishing the outside of the windows, if separately charged, will also affect the final end of tenancy cleaning prices. If you live in a remote city area, you probably will be extra charged for the travel time and fuel consumption, used by the cleaners to reach your place, as well as be prepared to pay a parking fee. Some companies are offering a key collection and return at customer requested place and time, which may result in a further cost to the end of tenancy cleaning prices package.

The amount of the tenancy deposit usually reaches 1-3 accommodation payments, which referred to the above mentioned high rental prices, currently in London, means that this is a significant sum. It depends on the company you choose to carry out the cleaning, but generally speaking, the end of tenancy cleaning prices are much lower than the deposit amount. Statistics shows that approximately 29% of the tenants in UK, lose all their deposit or part of it, which means yearly average deductions of £825 per tenant. Nine out of every ten letting agents declare that the prevailing reason for disputes between tenants and landlords, consequently leading to deposit deductions, are based on inferior cleanliness claims. It may turn out, that the court fees after such a dispute, should be also paid by the tenant. So, our advice is to rely on our professional services, offered at competitive end of tenancy cleaning prices, (available on our website) and we shall guarantee your deposit refund and save you a lot of time, uncertainty and probable negative outcome.

Once you’ve factored in the cost of specialist products and the time required to clean a property – most people agree that hiring a cleaning company to conduct an end of tenancy clean is the cost-effective, time saving option. By hiring us, you invest not just in our specialist knowledge and training, but also our insurance protection – so you’re covered if anything goes wrong. Finally, because we know exactly what check-out clerks are looking for, we’ll make sure the job is done properly – the first time. So, whilst you may save a bit of money by attempting it yourself, it’s often cheaper, and less stressful in the long-run to allow a specialist cleaning company to take the reins.

Yes! We offer tailor made quotes to suit the needs of your property – this means you’ll only ever pay for the services you receive. For example, you can book carpet cleaning or oven cleaning as a stand-alone service. Alternatively, if you would like us to clean only certain rooms within your property, we’ll provide a fair quote to reflect this. Contact one of our friendly advisors today to discuss your needs.

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive and transparent quote. After this, there will be absolutely no hidden charges or additional costs. Our prices are VAT inclusive and because we’re fully insured against damage, you’ll never be financially responsible for any mistakes we make.