3 Unique Tricks to Keep your Towels at Home Fresh and Soft for Longer

3 Unique Tricks to Keep your Towels Fresh and Soft
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The notion of a modern home undoubtedly includes glamorous surfaces and comfortable furniture, but also beautiful and soft textiles such as kitchen towels and bath towels. But how can we keep them so pleasant to the touch, despite the frequent washing and the stubborn dirt they are constantly exposed to? Experienced housewives offer several tried-and-tested solutions for home textiles to quickly and easily make towels as new and we from SYK End of tenancy cleaning London will share with you.

Towels should be refreshed at least once a week

The quality care of luxury towels at home requires you to replace them with clean every 2-3 days or at least once a week. This is especially true for kitchen towels, which we often use several times a day, and this also causes their rapid pollution. Experts also advise you to sort towels and towels before washing. Never mix white and colored towels and do not use aggressive bleaching agents for pink or blue bath towels. Otherwise, the white towels will have an unpleasant grayish hue, and the beautiful shades of the colored towels will lose their saturation. Another clever advice is not to put the towels in the washing machine folded but to unfold them well so that the detergent can remove even the finest dirt between the threads.

Do not use too much softener to keep the towels really nice to the touch

A common mistake for washing towels and towels is the use of too much softener. At first glance, this method will make tissues even softer and more pleasant to touch. In fact, however, the excessive amount of softener results in the accumulation of remnants of the preparation between the fine fibers and thus the bath towels become stiff and unpleasant to the touch. As a result of a large amount of softener on the surface of the fabrics, a thin layer of residual preparation also occurs which also affects the amount of water the cloth absorbs. That's why it's important to strike out the myth that more softener means softer towels, and always match the amount of preparation with the instructions on the packaging.

Observe the washing bath towels settings for the washing machine

In order to keep the clothes and textiles at home, we often wash them at too low a temperature. However, when cleaning towels, it is important to choose the right wash temperature so that all bacteria and dirt can be safely removed. For this purpose, specialists advise you to wash towels and towels separately from your clothes by stacking at a temperature of at least 40 degrees. More modern washing machines also offer a different wash and rinse temperature, in which case professionals advise you to bet on hot washing and rinsing in cold water. Hot water will loosen the fibers and help to remove the dirt while the cold will collect them and give the towel a more fluffy look.

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