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End of tenancy cleaning tips for the bathroom
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We all want our home to shine with cleanliness as if we were professionals. Today we will reveal some secrets to the bathroom end of tenancy cleaning experts.

Toilet seat

To clean the toilet, avoid using bleach, ammonia and other aggressive substances: these are products that are harmful to the environment and humans. Soda bicarbonate or vinegar dissolved in hot water can be used without any problem.

Terracotta Tiles

You can use hot water and vinegar, or steam cleaner. Depending on the degree of contamination, a small chemical preparation can also be used. It all depends on the type of pollution, the frequency with which the floors are washed, and most importantly, whether there are babies or children in the home who are barking or playing on the ground. Natural products should be maximized, chemical products often reach the skin and mouth of children.

Cleaning mold in hard-to-reach areas

The mold at the corners of the bathroom and around the tub is common, but most homeowners do not know how to deal with it. Here again, vinegar will come to your rescue. Just pour the required amount of vinegar into a bottle of a sprayer and spray well the hard-to-reach places. Let it dry and then, using a kitchen roll, rag or even toilet paper, dip and wipe.

Do not overlook the ceiling

The bathroom ceiling also needs cleaning, especially when the mold is formed on it. To do this, fill a bucket of water and vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio and use a mop to clean the ceiling. This will remove dirt and harmful microbes.

Removing the limescale below the edge of the toilet bowl

The deposits of limescale under the inner edge of the toilet bowl are extremely unpleasant. To avoid formation, you should clean regularly under the edge of the plate.

Bathroom mats and paths also need care

The rugs and paths that many people put in front of the sink, around the shower and the tub are exposed to moisture daily, and you should take care of them. When you notice that they are too damp, do not let them get moldy, but hang them in the space until they dry out and then return them back to their place. If you notice that they smell unpleasant to mold, you can remove this scent by sprinkling with soda, and then pick it up well with a vacuum cleaner.

Get rid of rust stains

Rust stains are another common problem in the bathroom. To remove them, just apply a toothpaste on the site and rub with a brush. You will notice that rust disappears at the moment.

Clean the mirrors regularly

Moisture reflects a lot of mirrors in the bathroom. To make sure they always look impeccably clean, you should clean them regularly. For best results, use a shaving cream. Apply it evenly across the mirror and then wipe it well with a cotton cloth. The mirror will shine again.

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