Get ready for Christmas and New Year

Get ready for Christmas and New Year
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At the beginning of December, the festive mood already smells at Christmas. Do not leave everything for the last minute and think about how to prepare for the upcoming holidays. Here are some ideas for preparing your home for Christmas.

Clear the pitch

Before you start decorating Christmas, you must first clean up your home and prepare it for the holiday season. This is not a great winter cleaning, but you definitely have to spend more than an hour or two to get everything in order. The reason is that once you decorate and embark on Christmas tasks, the desire to clean the holidays will be reduced to the sanitary minimum. Do not forget to collect the rest of the previous season or holiday decorative elements in the interior so as not to "compete" with the Christmas ones.

Take out the decoration

Preparing the Christmas home includes an overview of the Christmas decoration - whether there are broken toys, old garlands from which you want to get rid of torn Christmas stockings. Removing the decoration also includes the preparation of festive tablecloths, kitchen towels with Christmas motifs, as well as Christmas dishes and utensils. Also, check the lights - it often happens that some light does not work or there is a broken cable.

Go to the market

Once you have checked the situation with Christmas decoration, you can safely go to the market to bring some new item home - garlands, candlesticks, figurines. People say it's good every year you have to buy a new Christmas toy for the tree to be all healthy at home.

Prepare for gifts under the tree

Gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbons, and cards - check if you have everything you need for Christmas presents. It is desirable to "load" with the missing before the beginning of December - so you can take advantage of an earlier promotion and then the stores become more crowded.

Make a planner

Whether this will be a calendar at home, some a computer version or draw a sheet of 31 squares nice to make planner to fit all tasks in it. Meetings, exits, festive dinners, shopping and name days - note more importantly so you will not forget about the Christmas bustle.

Take care of your vision

Glow is a must when talking about a holiday vision, especially during the cold months. If summer is a fairy, winter comes with its mysterious glamor. Select one or two items of your vision to garnish with a pinch of brocade. It is a good idea to combine glamorous bags and shoes, or makeup and manicure. A small splatter spray will make your hair even more spectacular. Just be careful because it is easy with the shine to overdo and turn the effect into a defect.

SYK cleaning’s team wish you Happy holidays and clean homes.

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