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How to clean the different furniture?
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The furniture in every interior is carefully selected and is a valuable part of the overall vision of the home. Polished tables, buffets, wardrobes, libraries, sofas and more - they are comfort and decoration, but their beauty and durability depend very much on their care, proper care, and cleaning. The gloss of polished furniture can be easily worn if it is wiped with a wet cloth or if a wet cup, vase or pot is left on top of it. The veneer is also worn when wet - peeling and lifting up. That is why care must be taken when watering flowers. If on a polished table, covered only with a cover, put hot plates without a pad, the veneer turns white. When spilling wine, brandy or another type of alcoholic beverage, stains are formed on the polyurethane. The lacquer also spoils if it is covered with a nylon or a blanket.

With care, attention, and knowledge, you can avoid damaging and ruin your furniture and furnishings.

Cleaning of upholstered furniture

Despite all precautions, however, the furniture is dirty and polluted, so it should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or as follows: an old sheet wetted with clean water or water with a little vinegar and well squeezed, lying on the upholstery and beat with a beater. The dust is swallowed by the wet sheet, but it's good to be thumping, if not outside, the window in the room is open. The laundry is washed several times while cleaning the furniture. After that, the upholstery can be cleared more fundamentally, depending on the material from which it is made.

Cleaning Plush

Plush is clean with a soft brush dipped in a solution of water and alcohol (1: 1) or with a special plush preparations. When cleaning, the plush is brushed in the direction of the moss and vice versa. Then brush with a dry brush and dry with a cloth.

When the plush has lost its gloss, it can be restored with a few drops of almond oil dripping onto paper with which the plush is rubbed, as with cleaning.

Cleaning of linen fabric

Furniture linings made of linen are cleaned with warm soapy solution or linen preparations, and the fabric is brushed with a brush dipped in the solution. Then drain with clean water and dry with a clean cloth. It can be ironed through a dry cloth with a hot iron.

Leather Cleaning

The leather is clean by washing with a sponge or soft cloth dipped in a solution of 1 tablespoon of ammonia, 4 tablespoons of vinegar and 0.5 l of water. Then wipe with a dry cloth until it is dried and polished. The leather can be cleaned with fresh milk.

Lacquered furniture

Cleaning the painted furniture from dust is done every day with a soft cloth, then polished with leather. When more serious cleaning is required, the furniture is washed with a decoction of bran or with water in which soft soap is dissolved. Then rinse thoroughly and dry. Polishes with olive oil and wax. Lacquered furniture should be protected from turpentine and gasoline.

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