Tips on how to clean the yard furniture

How to clean the furniture in the yard and the garden?
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Care for the yard undoubtedly begins with its quality cleaning and landscaping. Once the terrain is ready, however, it comes to refreshing the garden furniture, which will make the space around the house much more enjoyable and hospitable. To do this, we offer you several tried-and-tested methods for cleaning individual types of garden furniture that will show you that sometimes this task can be accomplished even within an hour.

Clean the wooden elements of the pool with a soft cloth and lukewarm water

Wooden garden furnishings give the yard a more harmonious and hospitable look, but also require the appropriate care to preserve its qualities for as long as possible. Although most furniture of this type is treated with special varnishes to protect them from the devastating effects of rain, it is best not to expose them to excessive moisture all the time. For quality cleaning of this type of furniture, it is important not to use soap and too aggressive detergents that could damage the integrity of the wood.
Instead, put on a moistened cotton cloth to gently wipe the dust off the chairs, the tables or the fantastic wooden pool that will turn the garden into a gathering point of the whole family. Some housewives advise cleaning wooden furniture with a mixture of half a tablespoon of ammonia soda, four tablespoons of white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water. It is essential that after cleaning the furniture dust, immediately dry them with a soft cloth.

Do not miss clean the umbrella while refreshing the garden furniture

The metal furniture will undoubtedly make the garden more elegant and beautiful, as this type of furniture usually requires a higher investment but has an enviably long service life. However, it is essential to regularly clean the metal benches, tables or practical umbrellas in the garden by using a special detergent or merely a soft cloth and soapy water. However, when the protective layer of these furniture starts to fall and places to rust, take more severe steps by gently cleaning with a mixture of metal, white vinegar, and warm water. Protect metal fences and garden furniture by entrusting them with re-painting by an experienced specialist who uses the appropriate materials to protect the elements from the destructive effects of abundant moisture.

Quality care for the comfortable plastic chairs

Plastic garden furniture is lightweight, practical and extremely affordable. Although they are moisture resistant, plastic sun loungers and chairs often light up quickly, especially when they are regularly exposed to bright sunlight. Therefore, it is essential to pay particular attention to their cleaning, to increase their service life by at least a few more months. Experienced housewives advise you to clean the plastic items in the garden with hot water and soap or with a solution of hot water and a little soda. The colorful garden furniture becomes as new with a mixture of half a glass of white vinegar and 1 liter of warm water, while with a sponge and bread baking soda you can remove all stubborn stains without scratching the surface of practical chairs or a comfortable plastic deck chair. Sweet, is not it?

With these tips, you will be able to refresh the look of the garden furniture. And if you need house cleaning we from SYK cleaning provide a full range of perfect cleaning services for all your needs. End of tenancy cleaning London is suitable for those who are changing their rented home.

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