Get back the life of the home

How do we get back the life of the home without repair?
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Furniture is worn quickly. Walls and doors too. But repairing and purchasing new furniture is an expensive and labor-intensive activity that people do not always allow. Fortunately, there are much easier and more economical ways to refresh your home. Worn can quickly become new. You only need a little inspiration, creativity and time. Colorful foil wrapping for frayed cabinets, wallpaper cracked wallpaper, stitching of upholstery and blankets, colorful curtains and tablecloths - and your fortress will become a fairytale house. And if you still feel the need for professional advice, do not hesitate to seek the help of interior design specialists.

Polish upholstery, blankets, carpets with a razor for fabrics

Maybe you have a cat or a dog. Or you just did not change the furnishings soon. The upholstery of your couch is in balls. As well as carpets, curtains, blankets, and certainly some of your clothes. If you do not have the financial capability or are too attached to all of them, the option is to "fix" them. The easiest way is to just shave them. Once, it happened with barber blades, but this method hides many risks - torn fabrics, cut fingers. Today there is a special razor for fabrics that solves these problems. And in just minutes you get an almost new sofa.

Photo Wall for covering of cracks and spots

Time does not forgive the walls of the home. Moreover, if you smoke inside. Cracks and dark spots appear. The colors fade. And often you just get bored. But to paint or change wallpapers, you need to invest resources and time and also export and import furniture. But there is another much more enjoyable and even fun option. Capture what you do not like with photographs, photos or paintings. They will bring freshness into the room. Every time you look at them, the smile will shine on your face. And when you get tired, you can easily replace them with new ones.

Fresh curtains - a new life for your home

If your home is already old, withered, gray, the new colored curtains and tablecloths would return his youth. This would also take away the attention of the cracked ceiling or the old furniture. New blankets or tarpaulins would serve to cover the traces of a knife on the kitchen table or the stains of wet glasses in that in the living room. And colorful curtains and blinds would change the light in the room as well as the mood. Minimal investment for an entirely new vision of your home. You could also use the colorful bedding for the bed in the bedroom, as well as beautiful bedclothes.

Foil makes furniture new

Many mistakenly underestimate the power that lies in the adhesive foil. It could give a whole new look to every room in your home. Even the bathroom, as there are reflective variants that give the effect. The imitation of wood is ideal for doors, living room or kitchen furniture. For the brave and willing to change, there are all kinds of colors and patterns. With such a foil, you can even paint windows and get a staining effect. And why not create a window overlooking the sea of the old faded wall?

Ideas for diversifying and refreshing the interior are endless. If you want to ask a professional, do not hesitate. And for your clean house, SYK End of tenancy cleaning is here to make your life easier.

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