How to prepare your home for the end of tenancy cleaning?

How to prepare your home for the professional end of tenancy cleaning?
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These days our lifestyles are so much different from those of our parents – we are often too busy – waking up, drinking a cup of coffee half asleep, travelling to work for a half an hour at least and then spending the whole day, making a lot of efforts doing what we are supposed to do in our challenging jobs, going back home – tired and exhausted, we are dreaming of the cosy couch or the even cosier bed and the time we would spend with the ones we love. Time for cooking we lack and we order a takeaway and eat it quickly so that we can finally chill and relax. And on the weekends we are finally at ease, being able to sleep more, to live more and to be more joyful. And what has no place in our busy schedules is the cleaning. We rarely find time to perform one and even when we are doing it we are so unsatisfied and unhappy because what we simply want is being somewhere else doing something else.

For this reason, when the time for a move out comes and our rent agreement is coming to an end, we with no doubt, contact one of the best London’s cleaners and make an appointment for an end of tenancy cleaning – a professional, skillful and surely successful one. And yet we all know that the people who arrive ready to take care of our place are something like magicians and they do make miracles, transforming our house and making it the wonderful, shining and sparkling place we found when we moved in. However, every magic comes with a price and what we should do is some kind of preparation, so that the expert team could do its work properly in less time.  


Well, how could a single person clean a place that is covered with so much stuff? Well, he cannot. That’s why you should declutter first and in fact, this won’t be beneficial for the move out cleaning only, but for the move out itself as well. Everything that is not where it belongs should be arranged, toys from the floor, clothes from the chairs and so on. And if you want to save time, start directly packing them, because it is the next thing you will have to do one way or another.


Almost every professional cleaning team will ask you to empty all appliances, all cupboards and wardrobes and shelves and this is so logical indeed, because how could they clean them if they are full of things? So, get boxes and pack the things from these places first. And don’t forget to pack wisely. This means that you better put all your things from the wardrobe in several boxes and then inscribe them. Thus when you arrive at your new home, you will be able to arrange everything in your wardrobe fast and easy. And those few first days in a new house might be stressful, so help yourself now.

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