How to make your home smell of magic?

Make your home smell of magic
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Magical potions are not just in fairy tales. They are in the grandmother's kitchen from childhood, in the chemistry office at the school, in the mature lab perfumeries. But why not in our home? Why should not we become wizards? Nature gives us everything we need to mix a no less aromatic decoction than those of a grandmother, no less colorful and impressive than those in the school flasks. Do you want your home to be full of magical scent? There is no need to use the chemical preparations and flavors in the store because you could also create miracles yourself.

Magic pollen from rosemary and lavender

A common cause of the bad smell at home is the heavy carpets and the dressing gowns. They take up every smell - cigarette smoke, smoke from the fireplace, smell of fry, and so on. And washing them is a difficult task, so in most cases, it is done once a year. If not less. Air fresheners do not help to overcome the problem because they are not designed for the tissues. But as you possess magical powers, you are able to get rid of bad odors yourself. To do this you need:

  • Baking soda;
  • Dried rosemary;
  • Lavender oil.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, and sprinkle with it your carpets. After 15-20 minutes you pass them with a vacuum cleaner. And the fragrance shall go forth from your house. The same thing you could do with some upholstery, but it depends on their fabrics.

Potion of lemon and rosemary

And here's a suggestion with rosemary for the air. This decoction is even fresher and making it easy as a child's play. You need lemon, strawberry rosemary, water and vanilla extract. Nothing complicated, expensive or hard to find in the store. If you want your flavor to be even more impressive, you can use a spectacular, transparent jar to fascinate your design while allowing you to see the sun and fresh lemons. You will also need gauze, linen or anything else to lose the fragrance, but to prevent the liquid from spilling abruptly. If you're sure you would not push the pot with the potion, you might not cover it with anything to make it smell even stronger.

Spread magic with a magic wand

You may not believe it, but it is not difficult to make yourself a diffuser. And with it magically spill whatever you want fragrances into every room in your home. You need a long glass bowl with a small hole, sticks of natural rattan, alcohol, almond oil and essential oil with the flavor you choose. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl, put the sticks in it, and the magic smell will conquer your mind. Lavender oil for the bedroom to help your relaxation and tranquility. Essential Lemon Oil to keep your kitchen always fresh. Mint for the living room to refresh your everyday life and guests.

If you once try our services your home for sure will be fresh, clean and well-flavored. After that just follow our advice to make your home keep smell of magic.

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