How to find the sources of energy at home

The sources of energy at home
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Everyone is asked when he comes home to find himself in a world full of calm and positive emotions. Naturally, the atmosphere in the home first depends on the people who inhabit it. Of course, to feel comfortable in your home, you have to keep it clean. You can do it by yourself or to call a professional cleaning company like SYK End of tenancy cleaning London.

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But our surrounding objects can also cause positive emotions. In psychology, this is called "anchor."

Find your "anchor"

Such an "anchor" for you can be not only an object but also a smell, a combination of colors, a melody. Every time we encounter the "anchor" we return to the state of pleasure, a delight repeating the moment when it was perceived by our subconscious. But even if you do not have an "anchor" in your home, you can create it from simple things.

Let's point out which objects in the home are perceived by our subconscious as an incentive for joy, relaxation or pleasure.

"Mirror, Mirror ..."

Mirrors are a powerful means of correcting energy flows in the home. They extend the space, so they are indispensable for narrow places. They double everything that is reflected in them. The mirror can be a "live" picture of the beautiful landscape is repeated in front of your window.

Never place a mirror on the front door to reflect the energy entering the house. It is not good to mirror the marriage bed in a mirror. It is not recommended to look for a long time.

Object made by you

As a source of positive energy in the home can be used any item made manually by natural materials. If it was created for you and the master was in good spirit, its value is unique. If you love masters yourself, try to do it when you are healthy and in a mood.

Remember that in your work you put not only skills but also the energy that takes shape.

In homes where the majority of objects are created by the hands of the owners themselves, there is a special warmth and coziness. Relationships in such families are close to the ideal.

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