You want an always clean house? Get rid of these habits!

You want an always clean house? Get rid of these habits!
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Well, is there a person on Earth who doesn’t really want an always perfectly clean and beautifully organized and designed house? It is hardly possible. We all dream of a parallel universe where all these things happen without any efforts and we are happy and joyful without spending some time on our knees cleaning the stains from the carpet and on a chair washing the other outer corner of the stupid window. But the harsh reality is that the flawlessness of our home is ruined by some other habits that maybe ours or may belong to the lovely people we live with. Well, this doesn’t matter, because we now have to say goodbye and to have one of those homes that deserve to be a part of the wonderful design magazines. And let’s do it once and for all and then most of our friends will somehow secretly envy us.

Do not spread glasses and mugs and plates

You are not that kind of person who drinks the coffee for a second because otherwise, you will kill someone. No, you are enjoying it slowly and calmly, you make e cup of coffee when you wake up and then you take it with you wherever you go, whatever you do until you leave the house. And still, this is not a problem. The real problem is your coffee mug from yesterday on the night table in the bedroom, the one from the day before on the desk in the office and the today’s one on the balcony. For God sake, stop it now! Who likes coming to a home where there is some stuff on every possible surface. And there is a glass of water on the table in the living room and of course, there is a streak from it on the beautiful wood surface. And now you need ages to go and collect all these things and even more, time then to clean everything. How simpler your life would be if you just put the mugs and the glasses in the dishwasher before you go to work?

Do not eat everywhere

If you try to convince me that you have never ever in your life done it, I will honestly not believe you. Well, we all have our moments of weakness when it’s nice Saturday morning and our beloved one comes with a brunch in bed and what are we supposed to say? “Get out of here!” and to kill the romantic? Well, no. It’s allowed from time to time, but it’s not a healthy habit. When was the last time you had a normal dinner on the dining table, which was arranged and lovely? Too long ago. You order food, you eat it from boxes on the sofa or in the bed. You make stains logically because you spill stuff and then you end up cleaning all the fabrics with no result and saying goodbye to the money of your security deposit when the time for the end of tenancy cleaning inspection comes.

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