Security is a priority for every company and every company offers products in the field of maintenance and services should have a specialized policy aimed at quality and efficient service to customers in compliance with all requirements for enterprise security. With particular attention approach in terms of confidentiality, proper protection of company secrets, information that we obtain in the process during the execution of the agreed activities and belongings and technological equipment of employees or company who serve.

When cleaning the offices we accept and train employees who are well researched and carefully place the objects. For the control and security of all employees we respond personally.

What we offer to clean your office:

Besides machine cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities, to achieve full sanitation we include an option for treatment of stairs and elevators, reception and lobby, polishing furniture, cleaning of ventilation systems and air conditioning, etc.

We guarantee that with our professionalism and skill, diligence, experience and integrity will master the complex and hard process of cleaning offices, will contribute to the harmonious and serene working environment for your employees and customers. Call us for further information!

We serve the entire area of Lambeth - Brixton, Camberwell, Clapham Park, Kennington, Lambeth, Loughborough Junction, Oval, Stockwell, Vauxhall, Waterloo, West Dulwich, etc.

SYK Cleaning Reviews

I am so pleased with  (ex Clean & Shine ). This is the third time I have had them out to clean my carpets because they always make them look brand new - and I have pets!

5 stars