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In the beginning, I would like to take a closer look at the concept of professionalism. We have all been clients and have experienced the beneficial impact of being provided with a professional service. On the other hand, everybody sometimes suffers from the lack of competent and adequate customer care. No matter whether the professional cleaning – London is concerned or any other services, we all want our needs to be taken into consideration. For example, when you enter a shop you expect to be greeted with a smile and attention, to be correctly understood, not to be disturbed with irrelevant questions and finally to accomplish what you came for. The lack of professional attitude can screw your day up. On the opposite, the kind and cordial approach, combined with responsibility and proficiency, could bring forth good vibes and inspire you to put your heart into what you do in the same way. With regard to the professional cleaning – London, the same implications should be made, i.e. we count mostly on the qualities of our human resources. A team of skillful and devoted employees, who have a substantial experience in professional cleaning – London and who always do their utmost to make our clients happy with the service delivered – this is our secret formula for prosperity.

The ingredients of the professional cleaning – London win strategy

The philosophy of our professional cleaning – London service is based on the welfare and contentment of our customers. We make persistent efforts to always put ourselves into the client’s shoes and discern her/his individual needs. That’s why the main key to success, as I have mentioned above, is the knowledgeable and diligent staff of our professional cleaning – London company, who do nothing by halves and total client’s satisfaction is guaranteed. We pursue continuous improvement by implementing professional cleaning – London industry innovations, ensuring constant training and update of our employees’ know-how, expanding our service distribution, applying environmental, health and safety driven solutions. The constant development and refining of the professional cleaning – London we provide is also an essential factor in our win strategy. Gaining and retaining a client is no easy feat, but once you have achieved it, it leads to manifold benefits for both parties. Delighted and loyal customers are a free advertisement to our professional cleaning – London services, as they are supposed to share their contentment with at least 5 to 10 people in their social circles. Thus we fully appreciate the importance of professionalism, as being the most powerful and recoverable investment.

The common clients’ expectations we encounter during our professional cleaning – London

We realize that the number of positive reviews and recommendations is directly connected with the ability to meet the customers’ expectations, concerning our professional cleaning – London service.  The first thing that people usually want to receive is a see-through and crystal clear quote, lacking any kind of surprising charges, provided the price is reasonable and corresponds to the quality of the professional cleaning – London serviceAccessible, last-minute booking and on-time arrival are also  irresistible components. The affable manners of our employees and their respectful approach towards the personal environment and engagements of the customers, contribute to the reliability of our professional cleaning – London company.  The final element, that tilts the balance in our favor, is the proficient, in-depth performance of our well-trained, competent team, including professional equipment, tools and safe materials, in compliance with the professional cleaning – London approved standards.

The environmental and health considerations in terms of the professional cleaning – London

Nowadays the environmental and health responsibility and awareness is becoming an issue of major importance. This is induced by the ever growing nature pollution and high level of contaminating chemical usage, that causes serious health damages. Applying cleaning products, that contain corrosive chemicals, can bring about eyes and skin burns. People, who have asthma or any kind of lung and heart problems, should not get in contact with chlorine bleach and ammonia containing fluids, as they can cause significant harm. Some cleaners involve ingredients like 1,4-dioxane, diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA), alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs), p-nonylphenol, butyl cellosolve, which can lead to long-term health impacts, such as cancer, hormone disorder or brain damage. The detergent metabolites, when released in the waste water, decompose into other chemicals, that are toxic and not degradable in the water, so consequently are  harmful to the fish reproductive and life processes. There are countless hazardous effects of the detergents, we use in our every day life, which I won’t mention here, but we, as a company specialized in professional cleaning – London, believe that everybody should constantly strive to be informed and aware of the consequences, in order to take responsible decisions. If you choose to hire a professional cleaning – London company, it is essential to ensure, that the cleaning products they apply are non-toxic and safe for you.

Statistics of professional cleaning – London services utilization

According to a research, a million more people, in comparison to a decade ago, are hiring a professional cleaning – London services to do their household chores on a regular basis. The cleaning experts, who have a long experience in this industry, say that ten years ago, a lot of people were feeling  uncomfortable to hand over the maintenance of their own house to professional cleaning – London employees . Nowadays such embarrassment is rarely encountered. The survey shows, that

16 % of the people under the age of 35, versus 9% of older people are routinely leaning on professional cleaning – London companies. One of the motifs pointed out are the long workdays and second is the hectic social life. Different priorities and preferences, regarding the free time, are also mentioned as a reason for hiring a professional cleaning – London company. There is also an increasing consumer trend to take into consideration the ecological factors and to rely on environmentally friendly professional cleaning – London services and products, even if it means to be more expensive. We can proudly declare, that the detergents we use are harmless and non-toxic, which neither diminish the efficiency of our professional cleaning – London,  nor makes our service unaffordable.

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Sophie Williams
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I had End of tenancy cleaning with them and they did a great service. It was so easy to make a booking and the price was really reasonable. My agency was so happy with their cleaning standard and I got my full deposit back! Thank you ! For sure will use you again

Amelie Bages
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Very happy with the service provided, the team was very responsive by emails and clear on prices and what would be included in the cleaning. They did a great job on the day and I got the totality of my deposit refunded. They also have very competitive prices including curtains and carpet steam cleaning. I definitely recommend!