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Table of Contents

At the end of every tenancy agreement, it is stated that you have to give the property back the way it was when you first started living in it so the tenancy agreement is fulfilled and you get your deposit back.

Unfortunately, many people end up losing their deposits because they haven’t cleaned the place properly and the letting agency or the landlord will keep hold of the deposit to cover any cleaning expenses. In case you don’t want to be in a situation where you lose your deposit, you should spotlessly clean the place or hire an agency to do it for you. In both cases, there is a checklist that needs to be followed for good results and for the guarantee that you get your deposit back.

Start with the bedroom

Let’s start with the bedroom. It certainly is a place that you may think is very clean but if it is carpeted it may have built-up dust that needs removing. So you need to start with the wardrobes and any cupboards and make sure you have wiped them inside and out thus refreshing them. Then you need to pay attention to the floor. If it is carpeted then you will need to use powdered detergent and then vacuum it. This will refresh it and leave it nice and clean. It is advisable if you don’t have any stubborn stains to not use shampoo as it takes a long time to dry. If you have hard floors then you may want to scrub and wash them with a brush.

Don’t forget the skirting boards whilst you are doing the floors as they get dusty very easily.

The windows should also be cleaned inside and out and the window frames too. If you don’t live in a place with double glazed windows but rather have wooden ones, you may need to check the state of the paint and add a lick of paint too to make them look better. The door and the door frame also needs special attention and especially the door knobs as they can get quite dirty with time.

Last but not least wipe down any lamp shades, pictures, switches and power points, chest of drawers and remove cobwebs.

The bathroom

The bathroom is certainly a time-consuming room as it will take time disinfecting it and removing limescale. The whole bathroom will benefit from the use of products that effectively kill bacteria. Start with the shower and clean the shower head and the shower screen on both sides until spotless. The taps and the sink will need descaling and the tiles will need a good wipe down whilst carefully removing any dirt from the filling in between. The toilet needs to be bleached. Carefully clean the mirrors, the floors, cupboards, any skirting boards and the fan.

image how to clean the shower

How to Clean a Shower

I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve that require nothing more than just being persistent and perform the routines often. Believe me, if you neglect cleaning the shower for a long time, you will suffer once you decide to do so… read more

The kitchen

The kitchen is another room that your landlord will inspect very carefully and that is a big priority for every cleaning agency because they know that a lot of dirt and grease can be accumulated there. Apart from the standard places that you need to clean the windows, doors, cupboards, tiles, skirting boards and floors, you will also have to clean all of the appliances to perfection.

Now this can prove a very time consuming task as some of the appliances like the oven can have a lot of dirt on them and will require special cleaning degreasing products that can cost a lot of money.

This is why it is always good to keep your oven clean at all times if you don’t want to pay a lot at the end of your tenancy.

The living and dining rooms

The living and dining rooms are used the most in every home. Therefore you will find that they will need also special attention because even if they are cleaned all the time, the dirt and grime will always build – up. The checklist for these two rooms is almost the same as in the bedroom as you will need to clean the floors, skirting boards, windows and window frames, any furniture, lamp shades, pictures, doors and door frames and of course remove any cobwebs to prevent the appearance of spiders. Refresh the curtains and the couch as with time they may have absorbed unpleasant odors.

The Hallway

Last but certainly not least as they are a very important part of every home are the hallway, entrance and the stairs. The floors, the skirting boards, any cupboards, pictures and lamp shades need to be cleaned and refreshed. All cobwebs also have to be removed.

The checklist

This checklist is simple but yet very effective as it is much easier to clean with it because it will guarantee that all areas that will be inspected by the landlord are covered. A good cleaning agency will also have it so they are certain that everything is cleaned the way it has to be. So, don’t lose your deposit because your property is not clean. Either do it yourself or a better alternative is to trust the professionals that can tackle any dirt and will deliver amazing results.

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