Guide to End-of-Tenancy Cleaning Prices

End of tenancy cleaning, also known as post-tenancy cleaning, is a service provided by professional cleaning companies when you move out or into a rented property. You can learn everything you need to know about this type of service right here.

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The Complete Beginner’s End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices Guide

How much should an end of tenancy clean cost?

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1. What is End of tenancy cleaning?

In short, an end of tenancy cleaning or post tenancy cleaning is a service that is offered by professional cleaning companies when you move out or move in into a rented property. You can find everything about this kind of service here. (Link to the End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide here)

2. Why we have to do the End of tenancy cleaning?

When you are living on rent, an unchanging part of the contract is the clause “End of tenancy cleaning”.  This means that the home must be cleaned up and handed over to the condition in which it was hired. The majority of landlords explicitly mention in the contract that the cleaning should be carried out by a professional cleaning company. Here comes the question of why we should do it and what the consequences are after. The catch is as follows: if we do not clean the house, then the landlord will not return the deposit to us.


Deposits, in essence, are primarily anti-damage insurance against any damage to our dwelling/room that we will use, as well as a guarantee of some little security in the event of failure to pay our rent in time. The period that the initial deposit covers are from 1 to 3 months for accommodation and from 2 to 4 weeks per room. You will see that an after tenancy cleaning will come to you at times cheaper than the risk of losing your deposit.

You have three options:

  1. Try to clean the house yourself
  2. Use the services of a professional cleaning company
  3. The landlord can call a cleaning company himself
Unfortunately, it is quite typical of many landlords to quote a much higher price for an End of Tenancy clean than would be quoted elsewhere. So we advise you never to let your landlord dispose of cleaning your home alone. Always keep in mind that this money will be deducted from your personal deposit. And for the landlord, it does not matter how much money he’ll spend to clean up the dwelling especially when the money does not come from his pocket.

3. Professional Cleaning Prices

Anyone who has never resorted to a professional housekeeping service will wonder how much this pleasure is cost, and can I afford it. Recently the home maid has become an integral part of many English homes. And let me tell you that this service is not at all as expensive as many of you think. Every average citizen may be allowed at least once a week to use the professional services of a cleaning company. And now let’s talk about the house cleaning in numbers.

4. End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices:

How much does End of Tenancy Cleaning cost?

SYK Cleaning is a professional company that provides a wide range of domestic and end of lease cleaning services. If you are a landlord or a tenant you probably know how labour-intensive and time-consuming is to clean the entire house and prepare it for the new tenants. We, at SYK Cleaning, offer our clients professional and reliable, exclusive cleaning services when you move in or move out.

Here are our best average Price range per bedrooms:

Please make note that the listed prices are from

Our prices are amongst the best on the market and they reflect the excellent cleaning that our teams perform and the professional materials and equipment they use. We will offer you a bespoke quote that would be tailored to your specific needs so you only pay for what you get.

5. Factors determining the price

Each company has fixed rates for certain services, but there are factors that influence pricing. We can group them together in the following way:

Size of the property

Depending on how big your property is, the house cleaning price will be different. The bigger the dwelling, the higher the price. It definitely matters whether a single or two-bedroom apartment is cleaned, it also matters how many bathrooms there are in the property. In all cases, if your home is large you should ask the cleaning company for a free inspection, and after that to determine in advance how much the service will cost you.

Degree of contamination

The next factor determining the price is the condition of your home. If your house is dirtier than usual, it sounds quite logical to be charged more than the usual rate. Keep in mind that After tenancy cleaning it’s not a usual wiping, vacuuming and dusting. It is a main, thorough, deep and detailed cleaning of any dirty place in your home. So if you haven’t cleaned your stove for near two years, and the walls and floor in the kitchen keep the memory of all the dishes you have prepared, be sure you will have to pay a little more than the average price for this type of cleaning.

Additional services

Everything that includes Post tenancy cleaning you can see in our specialised End of tenancy cleaning guide. Аs we saw in the price list above, the carpet cleaning is not included in the regular price and it is charged extra. Another service not included in the Post tenancy cleaning is for example upholstery cleaning. Therefore it is good to know what services exactly involves and if necessary to request additional service, so do not be surprised at the final price.

6. DIY vs. Professional Cleaning

Do it yourself or choose a professional cleaning help, this is the question.

As you have already understood, End of the lease is not a simple cleaning. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both options:

  • DIY – When you do cleaning by yourself
image of when you clean by yourself
When you do cleaning by yourself

Well, if you live in a studio, maybe you can handle the cleaning alone. But if you rent a two or three bedrooms apartment the probability of winning in this situation is unlikely. You will first have to take a few days off and be away from work. Second, you have to buy special cleaning detergents for the floor, walls, kitchen appliances, bathroom, windows, dust, grease, etc. Third, you will spend hours trying to clear even the smallest dust and point from the floor, rubbing even the bathroom tiles with a toothbrush and finally you will not be sure if you have filled all the points of the landlord’s checklist. On the one hand, you can save more money if you do it yourself, but just think of all the time you will lose and the nerves and headaches you will cause. And in the end you have no guarantee that the landlord will return the deposit to you. Is it worth?

  • Professional cleaning

Cleaning companies have special equipment, machines, preparations and qualified cleaners, who have undergone special training at the end of tenancy cleaning. They are familiar with the subtleties of this activity and have a lot of experience. For example, if you have very dirty carpets the only way to return them to the previous condition is a professional carpet cleaning service.  Most of the professional cleaning agencies provide a 100% guarantee that you will receive your deposit back after they do their job. Furthermore, they have the checklists of the landlords.

So surely the money you will spend for Post tenancy cleaning will be nothing compared to losing your entire deposit, is not it?

7. Is it obligatory to use a professional cleaning company?

Can the landlord force us to hire a cleaning company

“So, you already know that cleaning is the tenant’s responsibility. This responsibility dictates that when you return the keys to the landlord the property will be just as clean, as it was when you first moved in. Your landlord can request a hygiene standard equal to the one documented in the inventory agreement.

End of tenancy cleaning is something you do when your property cannot meet that criteria, but if you have been a good and caring tenant, it’s likely your home will be very close to the inventory already. In such a case, you only need to do a final sweep before surrendering the property.

Your landlord cannot force you to purchase end of tenancy cleaning services IF you have met your obligations as a renter !

Many landlords include a “professional cleaning” clause in their tenancy agreements. Tenants often find themselves forced to use cleaning services worth up to 400 pounds for as short as a six month tenancy. Of course, this is the most extreme that a case can get. But, many tenants feel their rights are intruded by demanding excessive spending for cleaning.

The Office of Fair Trading discusses this problem in its specialised guide – Guidance on unfair terms in tenancy agreements. “

“The Tenant Voice”


8. Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Different companies offer different prices for their services. Some are cheaper, others are more expensive. You by yourself can compare the prices and choose the most appropriate option for your needs and budget. Make a survey of local companies. Be careful if the prices of a particular agency seem to you to be too cheap. This could be a two-blade knife. Always look for the average option so you will not be disappointed at the end. We all know that the higher the price, the better the quality. In this case, we do not necessarily tell you to choose the most expensive option, but always keep this rule in mind. Always check if the cleaning companies are legal and qualified, read the feedbacks or at least you can ask the neighbours.

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