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Table of Contents

There are some common rules, compliance with which would help us pass through this stage of moving into a new home more painlessly. Moving into a new house can also bring you a positive experience – it’s simply not an experience that most people look back on. It’s connected with stress, cost and lots of boxes filled with old bills and albums that you will never run again. But if you are planning properly, you will significantly increase your chances of an easier move. Here are some tips that we summarize on the basis of our personal experience and after examining online the problems faced by other people who survived moving to a new home:

Arrange the luggage

The first thing is to arrange your luggage well. Do not make the mistake of stuffing it in boxes and when you arrive in the new place you do not know in which carton what is it or which carton in which room should fall. Probably without an organization, you will pack your stuff faster, but in your new home, you will surely feel lost for a long time.

Make a List

My advice is to use the comfortable hard pads on which to hang sheets and walk around with them from room to room. Use a simple numbering to facilitate packing. Put a number in each carton and make a list of this box containing an inventory of the contents of the carton. Put the list in a safe place or carry it all the time. This will really make you organized. One more trick I can share is organizing a “rolling office” – a little box containing markers, stickers, paper, and more. So everything you need for packing and describing is always on hand.

Secure yourself with everything you need for the moving: wrapping paper to wrap the brittle things, boxes of different sizes, stickers and those cute nylon packs with glass bubbles. Before the big start, buy the things you need from the bookstore or the big shopping malls where you can even find packing boxes. But it will probably be more practical to ask around the shops for clean and healthy boxes – it will be free for you. Search for friends who have recently moved – they may have extra boxes that they are eager to get rid of. And one piece of advice from me: as you have estimated the number of boxes you need – it will surely be insufficient. There is always more in every home than we suppose.

If the boxes are not enough, or if you want specialized ones depending on the type of items and sizes, you can buy from different places.

A key point that will appear before the start of the big packet or shortly after most luggage is stacked in the boxes is that you will end up with a lot of things you do not want to take in your new place. You can make garage sale or you can call neighbors or friends and give them the opportunity to choose from your unnecessary items. Give everything you can and think you can not sell (right away or after you move). Your most recent decision must be the waste bin.

However, getting rid of surplus items is a must – do not move things that are unnecessary and you know you will no longer be using.

Organize boxes in rooms.

If you pack your items from the kitchen, put them in boxes marked “kitchen”. Do not put books together with the plates for example, because when you unpack you will waste extra time to walk from room to room to settle everything in place. I advise you to label the cartons not only on top but also on all sides to make them easier to read. The person or people who will drop them will want to know without much hanging in which room they should leave the box. You can also put a simple inscription on the carton for its contents: “sheets,” “utensils,” but the details will only be on your list. The more baggage you have to move, the more organized you need to be to settle in your new home quickly and without tension.

Find a good moving company

Find a good moving company, ask neighbors who have recently moved or read reviews on the internet. There are many moving companies, so choose carefully the one that will move you and watch to be careful with your belongings! This is the most important.

How to find a place for the old furniture in the new home – Map on the floor

You have a new home and old furniture. How do you arrange them so that they are suitable for the new house? It is easiest to make a furniture plan on the floor so that you can better imagine the new home and all the furniture to go where they are.

Old furniture in the new home: The Internet gives thousands of possibilities for the online home design of a new home, just enter the size of the rooms and the furniture. But with paper and pencil, you can do better.

Required materials:

  • Meter
  • Paper or thin cardboard (you can use an empty breakfast box of cereal)
  • Pen or pencil
  • Graph paper

How do we measure:

Measure the width and length of the room by a meter. For more accurate measurement, measure against the wall. Draw on the millimeter paper the room with a scale of 0.5 cm each equal to 0.5 m. Record the dimensions on the outside of each of the lines. Use a line or triangle for greater precision.

Measure the location of the electrical sockets, lamp keys, ceiling lights and apply them to the millimeter paper. This will guide the movers where to put things that work on electricity.

Measure your furniture. Draw them on a new sheet of a millimeter or plain paper, use the same scale. Stick a label on each piece of furniture after you have painted it.

Cut out every piece of furniture. If you want the models to be healthier, stick the furniture templates on a cardboard.

How to get in order:

Start arranging the furniture according to the plan on the floor. Take into account the height of each piece of furniture. You do not want the tall cabinet to be in front of the window.

Arrange so that it can pass by the furniture, leave at least 60 centimeters in place. Every piece of furniture should be at least half a meter away. Place each piece of furniture about 5 centimeters away from the wall. During the order, think about the lighting required for the room. Be aware of the contacts, they should be in a convenient place. If there is a TV set in the room, it must be at least 2 and a half feet from the sofa.

Plan on the floor should be made, whether you are going to buy new furniture or you will use the old. Arrange with patience, because you may have to rearrange the furniture in many different ways. A floor plan can help you decide to get some old furniture and buy a new one. When you make a furniture plan on the floor, it does not necessarily mean that everything will fit within centimeters and you will be endlessly pleased with the result. However, it will be easier, especially if you have not hired a removal company to unload your belongings.

Moving the household in bad weather

Whether you decide to arrange moving the furniture or relocating the office, nature can decide something else. Time is often unpredictable, and yet you may be prepared for his surprises. For starters, keep track of weather forecasts in rain, snow, flame or heat, always be suitably dressed.

In the rain

Moving your home or office in rainy weather is usually not a big problem. However, in the event of a pouring out rain – the move is better to be postponed. But if you have a certain time to release the old home or office, moving into the downpour becomes inevitable. The only thing you have to worry about is keeping your belongings dry. Therefore, the truck to move the house or office should be parked as close as possible to the home. You can put old towels on the floor in the house so that the carpets and the parquet are not damaged, while the movers carry the items with wet and muddy shoes. Аlthough, after leaving the house you will need a professional end of tenancy cleaning service.

Strong sun

Most people choose to move in warm and sunny weather, but it can also bring trouble. For example, sunburn, heat stroke, or dehydration. Therefore, it is important to have a sunscreen on hand, enough soft drinks, and mineral water.


In winter, snow, slush, and ice can cause a bunch of hits and even prevent you moving the furniture. If you move in the winter, you have to get a safe road from the truck to the house and back to the moving team and clean the snow and ice off the sidewalk before they arrive. Throw salt or sand to prevent the formation of ice, and hold the shovel in case the snow has accumulated again.

The moving vehicle’s truck should be parked very close to your home. It is best for the furniture to be packed with stretch film so that it does not get wet and scratchy. As in rainy weather, it is important to put towels on the ground in the house so that carpets and parquet are not damaged while you carry the household goods. There are special blankets that, in such a situation, absorb moisture and protect the flooring.

If the weather gets worse, it may be that the removal company postpones your transfer. This should not bother you, because people waiting for your place, too, will have to postpone.

How to move art objects by the DIY method

Probably you have at home art objects that are either a good investment or have a sentimental value. It is imperative to take special care of them when moving to a new home.

Removal companies know the rules for relocating artifacts. You are most likely to find this in the extra services they offer. Talk in advance with them to see if they can do the job.

The do-it-yourself method is not suitable for particularly valuable works of art.

Frameless paintings

Let’s start with frameless paintings. You will need tape and cardboard sheets. We recommend kitchen paper or plain paper for better protection of the surface of the item. For even greater transport security you can use a staple or at least corrugated board.

Follow the instructions to keep your valuable art items:

  1. Drag a piece of cardboard under the picture. Let the fingers of your hands touch only the cardboard, not the picture
  2. Kitchen paper or piece of newspaper – place them on the front of the picture, then stick them with tape in the corners, but be careful not to stick them on the work of art itself
  3. With another sheet of cardboard cover the face of the picture
  4. Cardboard Sheets – Place them on each side of the artwork to strengthen it better and protect it from bending when carrying
  5. Tapes – wrap it around cardboard sheets to make the picture more stable
  6. Put two pieces of staple around this wrapped picture and wrap a tape around them
  7. So, your work of art is ready to be moved.

Framed pictures

If you are framing a picture, you will need really healthy boxes. We recommend boxes for wrapping and carrying mirrors. You will need a tape, the so-called bubble foil, styrofoam, and corner protectors. As with frameless images, use a fastener for more secure protection.

Here’s how to pack:

  1. If you use corner protectors, place them on any corner of the picture;
  2. Wrap the frame with styrofoam or bubble foil, make sure all corners are tightly packed;
  3. If you are using a stapler, put the wrapped work between two sheets of paper and fasten them with tape;
  4. Put the styrofoam on the bottom of the box to have a thick protective layer;
  5. Place the work on this protective layer and fill the box with more styrofoam. Make sure the corners are well covered;
  6. Close the box tightly after you have stuck with its tape angles.

Your work of art is already ready to be moved. Ensure the work on its full value. If the moving company does not offer full insurance, find another one that does it.

Good luck!

When is the best time to move

Every relocation of the home is stressful. There are days, weeks and months that are very appropriate for such a change. Whether you are hiring a professional removal company or do it yourself, choosing the time is very important. On certain days, weeks or months, most moving companies and transportation agencies are lowering prices and offering more additional services.

From November to New Year

These are the perfect months for moving to a new home. Moving companies then slow down. Children have already started school and families are not in the mood to move before the holidays. Avoid summer months – this is the most expensive time to move.

In the middle of the month

Plan the move to begin in the middle of the month to get a lower price. At the beginning and end of each 30-day period is the busiest time for companies to move. Most rentals are signed at the beginning of each month.

From Monday to Thursday

The most suitable days of the week to move are from Monday to Thursday. Most people plan to move for weekends when they are not at work, and this makes the movers busy at the weekend. Every relocation company has fewer commitments during the work week, and this means a better cost of moving for you.

The vacation

Most people choose to move in the summer. Then children are on vacation, and you do not have to take them to school and help them with their homeworkers during the bustle around the move. When organizing a shift during the summer break, the children have time to adapt to the new home, new neighborhood and neighbors before the beginning of the school year.

Nice weather

Time plays a vital role in moving and usually surprises us. It is essential where you live and where you move. The preferable time to move is the spring and autumn seasons. In some parts of the country summer is more extreme as climatic conditions, and in others – winter. Think well about when to plan your move, and keep in mind that it is the most expensive in the summer.


In case you decide to move on the holidays, consider traffic on the roads. During the holidays the movement is more crowded and will cost you a lot of nerves. Avoid relocating before the big Christmas and Easter holidays when you move to an area without any acquaintance. Moving at another time will allow you to meet new acquaintances and meet in a pleasant atmosphere the holidays.

Moving your home or office at the most convenient time is the right choice, but it’s not always possible to consider everything. If the move date is not fixed and can be changed, reread these suggestions before planning.

How to get packing materials for no money

Moving into a new house or apartment is associated with many positive emotions, but it can cost you a lot of money. You’ll probably have to buy paint, change a window, plant a few flowers, buy new towels and shower curtains, and maybe even purchase modern furniture to turn your home on your own. When it comes to buying packaging materials, you can save serious money. You just need to know who to talk to, where to find packaging materials and how to pack. Try to keep these tips and save as much as you can.

Do not give money for cartons

Do not give money to cartons, but go to the neighborhood store and ask to help with several. Boxes of bananas, apples, and alcohol are relatively healthy and can work. And if you work in an office, try to take a few empty boxes of copy paper, they are also okay.

What you have at your fingertips

Review what you have at home and what can help you move. For example, a basket can be used to transfer objects in a non-standard form. Bathroom towels, pillowcases can be used as protective materials in the boxes. Drawers can move with all their content.

Less tape

If the boxes do not need additional reinforcement, do not use a tape. Just close them well. If you are still convinced that it will not be done without adhesive tape, buy a tape from a shop for one pound – there is the cheapest.

Old newspapers and magazines

Instead of buying a paper to pack and protect fragile items, use the pages of old newspapers and magazines. But keep in mind – the old newspaper paper can leave traces on things, so pick newspapers carefully.

Help from a friend

Contact your friends for help. If you do not have a truck or you do not want to take advantage of removal services, then either you will have to rent a moving vehicle or ask a friend to bring your own. In this case, be sure to fill the tank up and clean the machine after the end of the move.

If you move far and have to hire a removal company, check out what discounts it offers. Some businesses or non-profit organizations use the services of moving companies and can help you save money. Ask your agency or call the removal company directly and ask them what discounts they offer. They will give you a brief explanation of the discounts provided, and this can save you a lot of money.

How to celebrate the new home with a fantastic party

The party for a new home does not necessarily have to be in an impeccably arranged house and with a refined and expensive menu. Collect friends, new neighbors and family in your new home for a drink. Do not worry – no one cares about your pink-colored living room, for example. On the contrary, people around you can even give you valuable advice during the party.


When we unload everything and leave, it’s time to organize the party. Prepare in an old-fashioned way – send invitations to a piece of paper or electronically.

The place of the party

Do not overuse, use whatever you have. The kitchen table can easily be converted into a buffet, and later in a coffee table and desserts. Use a cover to protect its surface. Use biodegradable paper plates. The kitchen counter can be turned into a wet bar for drinks. Use the terrace if the weather is beautiful. Hang party lights for a festive atmosphere.

If you have not decided on the color of your walls, paint squares on your walls in different colors, give your guests pencils and let them put their favorite color and write their name on it. This way you can get ideas for the flooring


Think of a buffet. Less busy than preparing an excellent dinner with cutlery on a white cloth. The Swedish table encourages people to communicate more and to get to know each other better.

Here are some useful ideas:

  • Mini bites – with salami, ham, salads, cheese, fruit, sweet, to this you can add slices of cake, fruit, and biscuits
  • Chips – different types and sauces for it, for dessert – ice cream
  • Bread loaves and humus, breadcrumbs with various kinds of salad paste, olives, chicken dessert, for dessert – small lemon and lime cakes, or cupcakes

The wet bar

Instead of buying all the alcohol under the sun, plus juices and carbonated beverages, wine and beer, you can save some money. Many guests will bring wine or beer. Suggest them cocktails. Print the recipes for several of them.

  1. Home Sangria
  2. Campari and Soda
  3. Mojito
  4. Margarita
  5. Martini
  6. Gimlet (vodka or gin)
  7. Homemade lemonade

Print the names of the cocktails and recipes for preparation, prepare the glasses, ice and the necessary ingredients and let the guests themselves make their drink. If you move to a country where alcohol is banned – offer non-alcoholic cocktails (!!!).

The music

Music is one of the most important things for your party. If you do not know some DJ, prepare a long play-sheet that lasts several hours, so there is no need to download music during the party. It’s better to pick music for the background, not just for dancing.

Cheers! Have fun!

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