What is Move Out Cleaning?

Nowadays we live in a world of ever growing time pressure, often piled with endless engagements, that’s why organizing and clarifying our priorities is crucial, as to obtain at least a little peace of mind. Planning our daily activities is also a way to lessen the stress and put the things in order. If the cleaning of your home is something you usually set aside in your daily schedules, it might pop up as an obstacle, when a time comes to change your residence. You may find yourself thrown off balance, when you realize that a deficient move out cleaning could cost your security deposit. After you have recurrently neglected the household chores, you will have to undertake a lot more efforts before you move out, as to compensate the hygienic gaps. All-encompassing, deep moving out cleaning should be committed, preferably by professionals, as to achieve a resemblance with the original appearance of the rented unit.

Move Out Cleaning
Move Out Cleaning
Move Out Cleaning
Move Out Cleaning
Move Out Cleaning
Move Out Cleaning

Carrying out a funny move out cleaning

If you are a person, that is capable of finding fun in everything that you do, even in cleaning which is commonly regarded as tedious activity, probably the move out cleaning will be turned into an action and wetting party. Remember Pippi Longstocking and the cleaning scene, when she and her friends were singing and dancing with the floor brushes, fastened on their feet, or Johnny Depp in “Benny and June”, when removing the cobweb, while mounted on a wheel chair, rolling all over the room, as if on roller-skates. From that perspective you could feel over the moon, especially if you invite your friends or involve the kids to help you with the move out cleaning. Unfortunately, after the landlord’s checkup it would be bone-chilling to hear, that because of the poor move out cleaning results, you may loose your security deposit. Maybe it will be more practical and reasonable to keep the fun for your routine housecleaning sessions and to hand over the move out cleaning to our professional services. Thus you will have more time to entertain yourself with your future home settlement. In addition to that we can assure you that the landlord will be delighted with the move out cleaning so she/he will restore your money and your reputation as a reliable tenant will be preserved.

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Move Out Cleaning Prices


£ 95 from
  • End of Tenancy + Carpet Cleaning
    from £115

One Bedroom

£ 125 from
  • End of Tenancy + Carpet Cleaning
    from £140

Two Bedroom

£ 155 from
  • End of Tenancy + Carpet Cleaning
    from £185

Three Bedroom

£ 195 from
  • End of Tenancy + Carpet Cleaning
    from £240

Four Bedroom

£ 280 from
  • End of Tenancy + Carpet Cleaning
    from £360

The move out cleaning in the hands of messy people

There are a lot of funny quotes with regard to such kind of people and here is one of them: “Both of us can’t look good at the same time. It’s me or the house”. Labeling somebody is not a good thing, but there are people who definitely hate cleaning. The reasons can be different – they are too busy, or too lazy, due to some mental disorder or miserable life conditions, or just a disability to organize all the aspects of their life. It could be also a matter of priorities – some people focus on spending every free minute with the children, for others passing their time working, being with friends or beloved ones is their center of gravity. One thing is sure that such type of personalities, by often overlooking the hygiene, are faced with a great challenge, as far as move out cleaning is concerned. It would be a “mission impossible” for them to make up for all the purity shortcomings and to match the move out cleaning standards, especially if they choose to handle the situation on their own. Though wear and tear effects could be worse as a result of long-time lack of maintenance, a significantly better condition can be achieved if the move out cleaning is provided by experienced and skillful professionals, such as our company can ensure.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a reliable and professional cleaning company!

Frequently asked questions, in terms of move out cleaning

How the "perfect housewife" type faces the move out cleaning issue

You can easily guess that everything in the houses of such kind of people is impeccably clean and tidy. We are all content when our homes are cozy and neat, but if you are a perfect housewife, probably you get sick in case something is not sparkling, or is put where it doesn't belong. Imagine how these fussy people turn to the move out cleaning issue. I would suggest, that actually their dilemma would be whose cleaning is more immaculate, their own or the one, rendered by move out cleaning professionals. Presumably, the search for the appropriate company will be conducted accurately, maybe following a list of plus and cons, regarding all the possible details of the move out cleaning process. It is likely that the cleaning checklist of the above mentioned type of people will be more far-ranging and they will insist on being as strictly followed, as the move out cleaning lists of the professional companies. Probably, they will be totally burdened and dedicated to organize the move out smooth running and this will make them trust move out cleaning services.

How to tackle the move out cleaning problem if you have pets and kids

If you have pets and kids your house is perhaps a jolly place, but it is most likely a daunting task to maintain it tidy and clean, no matter how diligent you are. It could be nerve wracking, if you are faced with the necessity to change your rental unit and consequently obliged to provide a move out cleaning. Caught in such a strained context, people have made up humorous aphorisms to cheer themselves up, like the following one: "Cleaning with kids in the house is like brushing your teeth, while eating Oreos". Even if you have been persistently endeavoring to remove all the pet's fur, debris, dirt and odor and have been conscientiously cleaning the kids clutter, it wouldn't be enough to tackle the move out cleaning issue on your own. After packing up your baggage, maybe you will come upon formerly inaccessible places, that have been left unclean despite your efforts. No need to bother, as you can look on the bright side of the things and choose to rely on our move out cleaning services. We have a long experience in handling all kind of consequences from kids and pets actions, by applying the relevant equipment, safe detergents and tools, until an overall move out cleaning is completed and the house is brought to its original state. In order to regain easiness and spare time to concentrate on more important matters, you can assign the move out cleaning to us and stay calm that your deposit will be refunded. You can reach us on our contact form and get your move out cleaning free quote.

Details about an additional service like carpet end of tenancy professional cleaning

If it is stipulated in your tenancy agreement, that you are obliged to execute a carpet end of tenancy professional cleaning, then you have to shed some light over this matter as well. First, you have to be informed, whether this service is charged separately and to clarify the exact cost, during the conversation with the end of tenancy professional cleaning company representative. Second, it is relevant to discuss the condition and the fabrics of the carpеt, what kind of equipment and detergents will be applied and whether they will be suitable and complied with the specifics of that particular carpet. In this regard, you can ask if needed, whether the end of tenancy professional cleaning service they provide is capable of removing old, stubborn carpet stains. The final detail you need to know, is the drying time of the carpet, i.e. how long you won’t be able to step on it.

We hope that all these guidelines we provided, will make your choice of end of tenancy professional cleaning company easier and more satisfying for you. If you want to learn details about our service, don’t hesitate to contact us, we shall willingly answer all kind of questions you might have about end of tenancy professional cleaning.

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Sophie Williams
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I had End of tenancy cleaning with them and they did a great service. It was so easy to make a booking and the price was really reasonable. My agency was so happy with their cleaning standard and I got my full deposit back! Thank you ! For sure will use you again

Amelie Bages
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Very happy with the service provided, the team was very responsive by emails and clear on prices and what would be included in the cleaning. They did a great job on the day and I got the totality of my deposit refunded. They also have very competitive prices including curtains and carpet steam cleaning. I definitely recommend!